Ganesh Baba on Nirvana

In Nirvana your little ego is snuffed out. Nirvana is a process of being snuffed out. Nirvana is a defocalization on the sensate world and switching over our consciousness to the insensate world of intuition, of inner light, and of inner oscilloscopic vision in our gyral center. We have to penetrate the various sheaths or planes. The annamayakosha is the surface plane, the physical plane, the anatomical, the physiological, the mirror-image plane. Then there is the plane of the inner biological processes, that's called the pranamayakosha. Then after penetrating these we become conscious of the manomayakosha, the psychic sheath. Then beyond the psychic sheath is the vijnanakayakosha, the intellectual sheath. Then you go into what's called the anandamayakosha and through that you go out into the wide field, infinity. Your little ego becomes completely unified with the cosmic unified field of ultimate universal reality. That is the state of Nirvana, which a few have had the good fortune to reach. But even if that highest goal is not reached, one step toward that supreme synthesis is a step indeed.

— Ganesh Baba, September 25, 1980, Oakland, California

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