Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower

by William Blum, author of
Killing Hope:US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War 2
If you believed that the NATO (read U.S.) bombing of Yugoslavia for 78 days and nights in 1999 was a "humanitarian " act, Rogue State hopefully can serve as a wake-up call to both your intellect and your conscience. It is a mini-encyclopedia of the numerous un-humanitarian acts perpetrated by the United States since the end of the Second World War. Never before in modern history has a country dominated the earth so
totally as the United States does
America is now the Schwarzenegger of
international politics: showing off
muscles, obtrusive,
The Americans, in the absence of
limits put to
them by anybody or anything,
act as if they
own a kind of blank check
in their McWorld.
Der Spiegel, Germany's leading newsmagazine, 1997 The United States is good. We try to do our best everywhere. Madeleine Albright, 1999 A world once divided into two armed camps now recognizes one sole and pre-eminent
power, the United States
of America. And
regard this with no dread. For the
world trusts us with power, and the world
is right. They trust us to
be fair, and
restrained. They trust us to be on the side
of decency. They trust us to do what's right.
George Bush, 1992 How can they have the arrogance to dictate
to us where
we should go or which countries
should be our friends? Gadhafi is my friend.
supported us when we were alone and when
those who tried
to prevent my visit here today
were our enemies. They have
no morals. We
cannot accept that a state assumes the role of
world's policeman.
Nelson Mandela, 1997 When I came into office, I was determined that our country would go into the 21st
century still the world's greatest force for
peace and freedom, for democracy and security and prosperity. Bill Clinton, 1996 Throughout the world, on any given day, a man,
woman or child is likely to be displaced,
tortured, killed or "disappeared ", at the hands
of governments or armed political groups. More
often than not, the United States shares the blame.
Amnesty International, 1996 ______________________________________________________________________

"Rogue State forcibly reminds us of Vice President Agnew's immortal line: 'The United States, for all its faults, is
still the
greatest nation in the country'."
Gore Vidal, author, The Decline and Fall of the
American Empire
"Critics will call this a one-sided book. But it is an invaluable corrective to the establishment portrait of
as the world's greatest force for peace. Even
opponents of U.S. interventionism can find
much in this important book that will both educate and
them. "
Peter Dale Scott, former Professor at UC Berkeley,
poet, and author,
Deep Politics and The Death of JFK
"Bill Blum came by his title easily. He simply tested
America by
the same standards we use to judge other
countries. The result is a bill of wrongs -- an especially
well-documented encyclopedia of malfeasance, mendacity
and mayhem that
has been hypocritically carried out in the
of democracy by those whose only true love was power. "
Sam Smith, Editor, The Progressive Review, Washington, DC "Bravo Blum! A vivid, well-aimed critique of the evils of US
interventionism, a superb antidote to officialdom's
lies and propaganda. "
  Michael Parenti, author, History as Mystery and To Kill   a Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia


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Rogue State was published in 2000 by
Common Courage Press, Monroe, Maine

308 pages, fully documented and indexed
ISBN 1-56751-194-5

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Table of Contents


Ours and Theirs: Washington's love/hate relationship
with terrorists and human rights violators:

1. Why do terrorists keep picking on the United States?
2. America's gift to the world -- the Afghan terrorist alumni
3. Assassinations
4. Excerpts from US Army and CIA training manuals
5. Torture
6. The Unsavories
7. Training new unsavories
8. War criminals: Theirs and Ours
9. Haven for terrorists
10. Supporting Pol Pot
United States Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction:
11. Bombings
12. Depleted Uranium
13. Cluster bombs
14. Chemical and Biological Weapons abroad
15. Chemical and Biological Weapons at home
16. Encouraging the use of CBW by other nations
A Rogue State versus the world:
17. A Concise History of US Global Interventions, 1945--present
18. Perverting elections
19. Trojan Horse: The National Endowment for Democracy
20. The US versus the world at the United Nations
21. Eavesdropping on the planet
22. Kidnapping and looting
23. How the CIA sent Nelson Mandela to prison for 28 years
24. The CIA and Drugs: Just say Why Not?
25. Being the World's Only Superpower means never having to say
    you are sorry
26. The US invades, bombs and kills for it ... but do Americans really
    believe in free enterprise?

27. A Day in the life of a free country ... or ... How does the
    United States get away with it?

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