Four Reports of DMT Journeys
written September 1996 by a 31-year-old male

Report #1

My very first smoke was given to me by a friend. Having just discovered that I was interested in hallucinogens he was eager to introduce me to something that "leaves acid and mushrooms for dead — and it comes from a wattle tree!" Yeah, sure.

My first smoke left me with no more than slight celtic band-like images that could well have been imagination. An hour later when my MAO had settled down he handed me another pipe. Fearing nothing after the last "hit" I took a large toke, then another ..... "MMM" I grunted. I began rapidly falling into this Kaleidescope of changing, morphing, intelligent, geometrically-sharp coloured shapes. The sound of my breathing was being fractured and was making the shapes change. Very freaky. Five minutes of full shift.

I only had one smoke from this batch. The next batch was very weak and despite my friend telling me about "aliens" (I imagined him to be talking about extra-terrestrials, hah, and was extremely skeptical) I never got more than light images, nothing like the first flight of beautiful horror. Though I saw "beings" they were always dream-like and very much imagination-born, I felt. They moved in that quantised fashion but were certainly not overpowering in experience. Some of these light trips included a space-age-looking being taking me down a river of geometry going past other beings in their "street". Quite pleasant. Also very faint impression of a short being with stethoscope-type instrument made of light which was placed on my forhead; very inquisitve little fellow but very faint, dreamlike.

Report #2

Having had many of these light trips, my courage assured by my thinking that "oh well, maybe the first is the strongest then all else is light", another friend who has strongly chartered these areas came over to discuss it. He had some from another batch, golden brown in colour and very crystalline. He loaded up a pipe for me, rather generously I suspect.

I coughed my first toke before I could finish it. Trying to take another toke, I felt it coming on stronger than ever. I began to do what we affectionately call "alien speak", that is, uncontrollable stoppage of the exhalation of breath mid-exhalation, so as to make a type of reverse hiccup.

This was my first very real alien encounter. The being was controlling the way I was breathing almost as some esoteric pranayama to lock me into a different form of consciousness. (This is how it felt anyway.) With each stoppage the geometric patterns which were very strong , bright and solid, were relaying information through my voice box, though my biological meat couldn't relay their meaning, so all one could hear was this strange gulping. The being, thin, multi-coloured, with an unwavering grin, was moving its hands down my head controlling my breath. My fingers began curling into spontaneous mudras in conjunction with the grinning aliens. It had a sort of Hindu feel about it but, like, the REAL STUFF. Whatever gesture the being performed, I was helpless but to do exactly the same thing in PERFECT sync. Needless to say this was very freaky, with the alien also splitting its head in front of me (still grinning) with my own mind being warped left into right and right into left > <. I was quite gripped at this stage and my awareness felt as though it was being kneaded like dough — then the whole thing got even weirder!

I found myself being driven into this small square room with very real walls made of continuoulsy changing, sharp, perfect geometry. Everything was backlit like a fluorescent tube of pure cold light. So much movement. I began to realise that there was a wheel about two feet in diameter to the left of me. It was like a swastika with its outer arms rounded to form a wheel with four extra spokes in between. It also had a depth of about eight inches but this kept changing as it spun one way then the other, its geometric patterns also changing like a cuttle fish. Though it did not look like a being, I could feel it had personal intent, it was conscious! In fact, its movements seemed intended to fill me with one-way non-verbal information! Scary.

I then noticed in front of me more movement. (This all happened very rapidly.) I looked to see a little round gnome-like being, more like Tweedle Dee than like a gnome, about chest height, trying to jump up to face height in order to freak me out. He was holding back an almighty laugh behind a quivering, thin smile. His hat (and his whole body) was moving geometric patterns, but his hat spun around in multi-coloured forms, a little round skull cap (no propellor!). He knew I was there in his space, he was very, very aware of me being there and took great joy in teasing me. He knew I was not understanding, nor handling the situation and enjoyed this immensely. This was not some smoky dreamy hallucination. It was more real than where I'm sitting right now!! IT WAS SO REAL! I willed my way out and was still tripping for the next 20 minutes with the lights now turned on. My friend had a strange colour to his body. It was like he had an aura very close to his skin. Everything felt very New Age. (Sounds strange but I'm only telling you as it felt.) Everything was white, cold and different dimensions were merging. I saw phallaris grass growing on the side of roads, I don't know, in ways it was weirder than the flash. I can't explain it fully. The flash lasted 3-4 minutes.

Report #3

The next smoke a couple of weeks later was less hectic.

I packed my own pipe. I saw two demons, the Balinese type, amidst the usual sharp shapes and patterns. They did not seem to be aware of my existence or at least did not try to reach me in any obvious way. They were symmetrically opposed and dancing perfectly. Their fingers were performing mudras which were drawing laser sharp lines which combined to form mathematically pure angles and shapes. These shapes were amazing in their perfection. They were so fine that they conveyed a highly unsettling feeling. I felt as though they were spinning laser sharp visual spells which were penetrating straight into my psyche without me having a say in the matter. They were wielding these like one would wield a samurai sword. I recall reaching out to the outer world with the word "amazing", the only word I seem often to be able to mutter in these trances, and only towards the end when it's losing its power. The flash lasted 2-3 minutes.

Report #4

My last big smoke was perhaps the strangest for a number of reasons. I have not been game since to even venture a small toke of leftovers.

I put a small pinch of crystals in the glass pipe for a light trip. I didn't even get halfway through the toke before I felt a strong shift occuring. As I handed the pipe away, with the lights going off, the shift came on rapidly. Different to how it usually manifests itself. Instead of my vision being overtaken by geometry, I found the outside world being broken up into little digitised squares. (Looking at a window with a streetlight until I could do so no longer.) So quickly, from the outer periphery inwards. It was like glass shattering. I immediately I knew I was where I always go to, but always forget about. Like a corridor that I always go through but never can pull the recollection out of the trip. (I don't know if this is true or a synthesised recollection like deja vu).

I am outside in a very futuristic patterned garden with bright coloured, very small, dots over everything, which are all flowing in certain directions. No plants as such but garden nonetheless. There is a corridor with a very tangible ambience, one can feel the space around. It now appears to be a temple structure of some futuristic sort, like some space age Hindu/Mayan temple with the walls displaying architecture similiar to the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan except the walls are inverted to angle outward with the terraces reversed. It seems very real but also very fleeting, changing rapidly. There are beings that are here the whole time from the very moment I entered the trip right to the moments of trying to get out of it. They seemed to have been waiting for me. It has taken me some time to come to terms with what they look like. For weeks I was sure they were Hindu deities until I saw a poster of Egyptian figures which woke my memory. They were very colourful, had strange relentless grins, very slender and could move their arms around at strange angles. Despite the high-frequency quantised pulsing in which they moved, there was still a very fluid flow to it. It was very "cyberspace".

Their fingers moved very rapidly into mudras which they again paralleled with my own movements as rapidly as a Huntsman spider, moving with the exhalation until the middle of the exhalation where all movement stopped then reversed into another mudra form with the rest of the exhalation. These movements were highly spiritual and esoteric, made yoga postures seem like egotistical naïve poses.

I felt like I was being indoctrinated and it did not feel good. These beings just kept on grinning. They knew that I knew that this was the price paid to enter their "special" world. They were very keen to show me their magic. I would try to look away but each time I tried, they would stop my breath and do some amazing transformational magic which I simply can't describe and [which] was so amazing that I was prevented by awe from looking away. Sorry, I can't even hold it in thought for more than a fleeting moment. It was very beautiful and totally bizarre. It was as though the strength of magic taking place was way too much. Solid forms of colour and shape, way beyond the geometric forms. In your face. They kept on fanning out this magic like opening one of those decorated hand fans. They knew that this was the only place that I could experience it. Not even in memory could I see this stuff. I couldn't take it back with me. They were going for it big time. It was a really solid reality but constantly changing. I finally began to reach the surface. "I'm not going to do ..." I started, but they dragged me back in and flipped my words upside down so as to form strange hiccup words. "... this again". I said it again and the same thing happened mid-sentence. I said it a third time and they began to let me go.

I have come to believe that, if one is smoking a waxy form of DMT, it is important to use a clean pipe each time as it may be that the carbonised wax concentrates an anaesthetic quality in the alkaloid which induces the "alien hiccup" syndrome.

When I came out I heard my friend's voice in the usual cold stilted fashion that it sounds like when coming down. "What did you see?" he chuckled, not realising the weight of the situation. "Pretty heavy?" he asked playfully. Though this was the first time he'd ever had it and had not gone in properly anyway, it was as though he knew what I'd just confronted. I was tripping more heavily than I ever have in the normal trip sense (not DMT space), even more so than on mescaline or psilocybin. Though my vision was clear, his face was ghosted both vertically and horizontally, i.e. there was a ghost of his face to the left of him and above him, like some bad TV reception. He had a yellow glow around his body. It was his eyebrows that were most weird! Very strange!

It was taking me a long time to straighten out, in fact I wasn't, which was quite alarming. I had thoughts that I may have been shifted into this strange awareness forever. It felt very New Age. I don't know why I use that term because it doesn't mean much. I guess I mean, very spiritual though very futuristic and on multi-dimensional levels, thoughts being just as real as the room I was in, all coalescing — the future, the past, the present, inhabitating the same spacetime. I felt I had taken on the same consciousness as the aliens, that they had shifted me as their "gift". Of course I eventually came down after about thirty minutes, but when you're there you just don't know.

That was the last journey I took. I'm still very interested in it but have come to the conclusion that each time one goes in, you are taken further, and with less quantity of freebase, so I'm gathering my thoughts while I await the right time to do it again. I'm in no hurry.

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