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Series B

The DMT used in this series of experiments was a white powder, 98% pure. It had little of the odor often considered characteristic of DMT (and which is probably due to residual indole).

#17, 1990-06-11, 4 p.m.

I smoked 40 mg. of DMT mixed with some marijuana, but due to some unfamiliarity with the pipe I may not have got it all. I entered into the trance state without noticing any great amount of the usual patterned visual hallucination. I checked my breathing, then attended to what I was seeing. I seemed to be falling away, spiralling, in some large space, after which I seemed to be in an open space in the presence of two other beings. Their forms were not very clear, but they seemed to be like children, as if we were together in a children's playground. They appeared to be moving very quickly, but there was not the crazy, speedy, "impossible" quality of previous DMT experiences. The two beings seemed to be trying to attract my attention, and to communicate something to me, but I could not understand. It was as if they were trying to make me understand where I was. One even seemed to be holding up a sign (described by others who have had similar experiences as "a speech balloon") - but, as I recall, the sign was blank. I attended to my breathing, and with this came an increased sense of self-identity, and with this a lessening of contact with the two beings. At this point I seemed to be past the peak, although I was still in a very strange state of consciousness; this persisted for a time, then wore off gradually, until I finally opened my eyes, after nine minutes. At about fifteen minutes it seemed that, as usual, my body began to tremble (and I felt a strange energy), but observers present said they saw no sign of trembling.

A second person then smoked 50 mg. This person, experienced in smoking DMT, prefers (unlike myself) to open his eyes at the peak and to move and vocalize. He sat on his haunches, moved slowly, crouched, and spent some time examining his hands. He later reported that the world as he saw it was transformed, with light emanating from the head of one of the observers, and energy streams issuing from his own fingers. He seemed to be in the center of a large, vertical, cylindrical tunnel or channel (later comparing this to the Kundalini channel). He reported that it was a very pleasant state, and that he felt cleansed.

#18, 1990-06-25, 8 p.m.

I spread 40 mg. of DMT over crushed mint leaves. After calming myself and waiting until my heart rate was normal I took one inhalation, and got most of the DMT. There was a period of somewhat alarming visual hallucination. It is hard to recall the details now (30 minutes later), but I was aware that I had experienced it before. A state then ensued which was very weird and confusing, and I cannot remember it clearly. There was certainly a lot happening. It was not a pleasant state and it was not a state that I can recall from previous DMT trips. I wanted to be out of it and so opened my eyes. Although I could recognize the room I was in, the parts of the room (such as the doors) were moving about a lot, and it was very strange. I lay with my eyes open for a minute then closed them again, trying to recall the state of mind that had provoked my flight, but could not regain it. With eyes open the parts of the room gradually ceased to move around. Ten minutes after smoking I was approaching normal consciousness. I felt a mildly pleasant energy, and this time (unusually) there was no trembling.

I feel rather puzzled by this experience. The dose seemed to be either too much (producing confusion) or not enough (not a breakthrough). This experience most resembled the "psychic attack" experience described earlier (session #6), although this time I would not describe it in those terms. I do not know what to make of it.

A mild headache ensued, and remained with me the next day.

#19, 1990-07-01, 7:30 p.m.

Smoked 20 mg. spread over mint leaves, in one inhalation. A strange, somewhat peaceful state supervened, with some visual hallucination, but not overwhelming. I got some flashes of remembrance of the previous trip. I got into exploring some childhood memories relating to my mother. After twelve minutes I was pretty much back, and (since nothing much had happened) thought I'd try what was left in the bowl of the pipe, if anything. There was indeed something left, and I was surprised by the intensity of my response, although again it did not compare with a higher-dose experience. I reflected upon my future dying, and felt that when the time comes I shall be guided appropriately. I reflected that in the course of natural dying, the body knows what to do (e.g. restricting the blood supply to non-essential parts of the body so as to keep the heart and brain going as long as possible), and one's guardian spirits (hopefully) will present themselves and will ease the transition (some deaths are easier than others).

Smoking 20 mg. might be useful to facilitate psychoanalytical processes, but it seems that 30 mg. or more is required for the more interesting things.

A mild headache then lasted for over 24 hours, not so bad as previously.

#20, 1990-07-04, 8 p.m.

I snorted 20 mg. of DMT, 10 mg in each nostril. After a few minutes there was a noticeable effect. The sensation in my nasal passages was somewhat unpleasant, but not bad. My body began to tremble (so it felt) and there was a definite change in consciousness, but nothing to compare with the effects of smoking. No visual hallucination. Such effects as there were wore off after about 30 minutes. This method of administration is apparently not effective and is not recommended. [The DMT used throughout these experiments was the freebase. Snorting a drug is usually effective only if it is in the form of a salt, e.g. DMT fumarate.]

#21, 1990-07-11, 8:30 p.m.

I smoked about 2 mg. of 5-MeO-DMT spread over mint leaves. The effect was overwhelming but not "crazy" or "speedy". There was no visual hallucination. I seem to lose all awareness of my body and surroundings, except for my breathing. I reminded myself that I would survive, and basically hung in there until a more normal consciousness returned. I opened my eyes after about 5 minutes, and the room was fairly stable. After coming back I reflected on some personal matters.

Compared to my experiences with DMT, this 5-MeO-DMT trip seemed fairly uneventful. The main virtue of 5-MeO-DMT seems to be its ability to obliterate the serotonin world, so that one can practise being aware in a non-serotonin environment. However, DMT also has this ability, and adds color and action as well.

#22, 1990-07-22, 7:30 pm (new moon)

After an unusual length of time spent attaining a fairly calm state of mind I smoked 30 mg. of DMT spread over crushed mint leaves. I inhaled as much as possible and held the smoke in as long as possible. The effect came on quickly, and for a short time I was aware of an intricately-patterned geometrical visual hallucination, though not colorful. Then I was swept away to the extent that for a while I did not know who I was or what was happening, and could hardly think. Whatever was happening certainly felt bad. I felt that I had to struggle to survive. I reminded myself "One always survives", although there was also the doubt: "But this time?" After the initial geometric hallucination I did not experience any visual hallucination, just an awareness of unpleasant bodily sensations and some confusion. I opened my eyes after perhaps five minutes, and basically waited for the effects to wear off. There were no post-trip shakes.

There was nothing good about this trip, and this is certainly not the kind of experience that provides a good reason to smoke DMT. However, the effects experienced may have been influenced by residual 5-Meo-DMT left over from the previous time the pipe was used.

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