Iraq War Reports
The website was created by a group of journalists and military experts from Russia to provide accurate and up-to-date news and analysis of the U.S.-led war against Iraq, based on Russian military intelligence reports. Here are English translations of the reports which were published daily on that website. Click for enlargement
Report for 2003-03-23
The situation in southern Iraq can be characterized as unstable and controversial.
Report for 2003-03-24
Attacking coalition forces have settled into positional warfare, they are exhausted, have lost the attacking momentum and are in urgent need of fuel, ammunition, repairs and reinforcements.
Report for 2003-03-25
... the situation on Iraqi fronts remains quiet. Both sides are actively preparing for future engagements.
Report for 2003-03-26
... fierce battles have resumed in Iraq along the entire front. As was previously expected the sand storm has halted the advance of the coalition forces. Additionally, the coalition troops were in serious need of rest, resupply and reinforcement.
Report for 2003-03-27
There has been a sharp increase in activity on the southern front. As of 0700hrs the coalition forces are subjected to nearly constant attacks along the entire length of the front.
Report for 2003-03-28
... the command of the coalition group of forces near Karabela requested at least 12 more hours to get ready to storm the town. This delay is due to the much heavier losses sustained by the coalition troops during the sand storms then was originally believed.  ... At the same time the US forces have resumed attacks near An-Nasiriya and An- Najaf since 0630hrs and are continuously increasing the intensity of these attacks.
Report for 2003-03-29
During the past day the situation on the US-Iraqi front remained largely unchanged. The US is continuing reinforcing the attack group near Karabela for a thrust toward Baghdad.
Report for 2003-03-30
No significant changes have been reported during March 29-30 on the Iraqi-US front. Positional combat, sporadic exchange of fire and active search and reconnaissance operations by both sides continue along the entire line of the front.
Report for 2003-03-31
During the night of March 30-31 the situation on the US-Iraqi front became increasingly more critical. All indications are that the coalition has launched a new attack.
Report for 2003-04-01
As of the morning of April 1 active combat operations continued along the entire US-Iraqi front.
Report for 2003-04-02
An exceptionally difficult and unstable situation has developed on the US-Iraqi front by the morning of April 1. The coalition troops are persistently trying to take control of the strategic "triangle" Karabela - Al-Khindiya - Al-Iskanderiya ... but so far the US forces have been unable to take any of these towns.
Report for 2003-04-03
During yesterday and early this morning the coalition continued its advance toward Baghdad that it had begun three days ago. Units of the 3rd mechanized Infantry Division, failing to quickly capture the town of Al-Khindiya, blockaded it with a part of their forces and moved around the town from the east to reach Al-Iskanderiya by the morning.
Report for 2003-04-04
By the morning of April 4 the situation on the US-Iraqi front showed a tendency toward stabilization. As the forward coalition units reach Baghdad they fulfill their primary orders outlined by the coalition command.
Report for 2003-04-05
The situation on the US-Iraqi front is characterized by gradual reduction of American offensive activity.
Report for 2003-04-06
By the morning of April 6th an uncertain and quickly changing situation has developed. Coalition divisions are continuing to advance toward the [Baghdad] city outskirts. The 22nd and 15th expeditionary marine squadrons are trying to break into the region of the military airport "Rashid" from south-east. Iraqis are holding the line along the Diyala river and currently the marines cannot capture beach-heads on the right bank.
Report for 2003-04-07
The closer we are to the hour "X" (taking control of Baghdad by the British-American command) the more contradictory information coming from the capital of Iraq becomes. Apart from military confrontation, both sides fight on the information battleground in an equally furious way, and this fight affects outward things immeasurably greater since the world views the real situation in Baghdad according to its virtual image.
Report for 2003-04-08
The situation on the US-Iraqi front during the morning-night on April 7th was characterized by extreme fierceness of combat. During the night-morning the coalition units continued to encircle the city [of Baghdad] from west and east.

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