What They Plan to Do to Us

June 11, 2005

Hi Peter,

I just read Edgar J. Steele's Pogo Was Right on your website. He writes:

Otherwise, why would our own government be taking away our freedoms at such a rapid pace? Why are they so afraid of us and in such a hurry to regiment us, lock us down and throw so many of us into jail? What is going to happen that they need such tight control of us? What, exactly, is it that they plan next to do to us?

I have asked myself that question more times than I can even ponder, and I believe I may have found the answer.

The "capitalist" government of the USA over the past two generations or so, has squandered all of the funds the people paid into Social Security, Medicare, and all of the other so called government managed "trusts". After using propaganda to scare the people, they have spent billions of dollars on the military and needless nuclear and biological weapons, said money going into the pockets of those who control "their" government.

I understand that the total debt and unfunded liabilities of the United States now exceeds eighty trillion dollars ($80,000,000,000,000). This means that the United States is essentially bankrupt.

The stock market is inflated past the point at which it should have burst, and the real "value" of the dollar and government securities is falling steadily.

What those who did this to us fear is that something will happen that will expose one of the many frauds, lies, thefts of earnings of the people, and other crimes, such that we the people will begin to quickly see what has been done to us. If (when) this happens the people will take action against the establishment and with a "snowball effect" the rest of their treasonous, murderous activities will then be exposed. It would not be a good time to be considered among the "elite".

With this in mind, those who control the government are employing a scorched earth policy to destroy the ability of the people to understand their crimes or to fight back. The economy will soon fail as people lose their jobs and can't afford health care or even afford to fill the gas tank on their car. The total inability to pay promised Social Security benefits to the baby-boomers who paid so much into the "trusts" will certainly precipitate a revolution if we last long enough for them (us) to retire and apply for SS.

Thus the plan is to destroy the United States of America so that the people will not be able to find those responsible for their plight and prosecute them appropriately. I guess those responsible will fly away to some safe haven (such as Tasmania) to try to escape from the impoverished and enraged American people. (Assuming they have managed to think that far into the future.)

The only hope that we have now, that I can imagine, is for those in the "news media" to come to the realization that they will also be blamed for the evil done to the people. If they had done their jobs, as they have always boasted they did, we would not be in this condition. If they can figure that out, maybe the people can learn the truth in time to salvage the United States. If not, I fear there is no hope.

Yours truly,

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