Thomas Jefferson —
Atlantic Monthly's Revisionism

Date: Thu, 17 Oct 1996 15:26

Subject: Thomas Jefferson — Atlantic Monthly's revisionism

October 17, 1996

Mr. William Whitworth
The Atlantic Monthly
77 N. Washington Street
Boston MA 02114
["We don't give out our FAX number," says the secretary]

Re: O'Brien CC. "Thomas Jefferson: Radical and Racist."  October 1996

Dear Mr. Whitworth,

Judging from the apparent willingness of so many Americans to cast aside
Liberty and individual responsibility for a velvet-manacled place at the
trough, it hardly seems necessary for self-professed revisionists to
disparage freedom-loving "radicals" like Thomas Jefferson to advance
America's contemporary romance with the leviathan state.  By turning icons
into clay do they hope to assuage their consciences or destroy America's
troublesome collective memory of Freedom?  How convenient it would be if we
would forget that, at the time of their revolt, the Colonists had much more
Freedom and far lower taxes than we have today.

Warrantless search and seizure, asset forfeiture without trial, censorship on
the Internet that confines adults to fare suitable for children, secret
trials, anonymous witnesses, random wiretaps, the "first strike" use of
tanks, helicopter gunships, poison gas, and the illegal use of military
SpecOps troops against 90 innocent men, women, and children, vanquished
property rights, ballot fraud and managed political speech that makes
elections increasingly irrelevant, Oklahoma City's Reichstag Fire,
Presidential Directives that  rule by decree, the incremental disarmament of
our conquered people to advance the other abominations of Caesar's latest
campaign because certainly Caesar and his Praetorian Guard must be made safe
from his plebian subjects — these are not radical actions; these are the
standard fare of rulers throughout history.  Over a third of a billion people
have died at the hands of government in this century, 65 million of them
murdered by their own governments after first being disarmed.

Yes, indeed, Jefferson's love of Liberty and his insistence on a
constitutional republic with a limited federal government was — and is today
— a radical dream.  For over 50 years the Lamp of Liberty that He and the
Framers lighted has been flickering and is now nearly extinguished, replaced
by the flickering in vacant eyes of Monday Night Football on cable TV.  May
we wake from this nightmare into Jefferson's dream, but it sadly appears that
wishing will not be sufficient.  Unfortunately, our rapacious, capricious,
and relentless rulers seem bent on ensuring that the Tree of Liberty is soon
fertilized.  If so, then so be it — for Liberty has a price worth paying.


Edgar A. Suter MD
National Chair
Doctors for Integrity in Policy Research Inc.

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