The Pakistani Connection
By Peter Meyer

In his article The London Explosions, the Rogue Network, Bush and Iran Webster Tarpley writes:

One way to increase the pressure on Iran would be to implicate a group of Iranian fanatic patsies in the London bombings. This would not be difficult ... [London] is home to the largest concentration of Arab and Islamic patsy groups in the entire world ... But perhaps an Iranian patsy group would be too obvious at this time.

Yes, but a Pakistani patsy group would serve the purpose, since Pakistan is geographically adjacent to Iran.

And — lo and behold! — on the morning of July 13th, 2005, we awoke to the following news:

Suspects Identified in the London Bombing
Senior security sources in London told reporters last night that it appears the attacks in London last week that killed more than 50 people were perpetrated by suicide bombers. Three of the four identified were thought to be of Pakistani descent ...

British suicide bombers behind blasts
Police have identified four men who they think carried out the London bombings ... The Times newspaper named two of the dead suspected bombers as Hasib Hussein, 19, and 22-year-old Shehzad Tanweer, both Britons of Pakistani origin ...

The suicide bomb squad from Leeds
Security forces are coming to terms with the realisation that young Britons are prepared to die for their militant cause. ... The man who planted the bomb at Edgware Road was named last night as Mohammed Sidique Khan ... Two other terrorists were Hasib Hussain, 19, who bombed the bus in Tavistock Square, of Colenso Mount, Leeds, and Shehzad Tanweer, 22, the Aldgate bomber, who lived at Colwyn Road, Leeds.  ... The raids came after the discovery of driving licences and credit cards at the scenes of the explosions ... A relative of one of the bombers was arrested and taken to London for questioning. Intelligence agencies say that at least two of the men had recently returned from Pakistan. All four were British, but with origins in Pakistan.

Sure, they're on their way to kill themselves but make sure to take their credit cards with them. (Do they take American Express in heaven?) This reminds one of the story about the "discovery" of Mohammed Atta's passport a few blocks from the demolished World Trade Center (his passport having miraculously escaped the fiery explosion at the South Tower).

So put yourself in the position of those who plotted this atrocity. You're going to need Muslim patsies, but Iranians are too obvious. Pakistan is right next door to Iran, so Pakistanis will do, and there are lots of them living in Britain. So send one of them off to Pakistan to be convinced by some Wahhabi clerics that "to die for Islam is glorious". When he comes back have one of your operatives supply him and his friends with twenty pounds of military-grade high explosive (they don't sell this at Tesco) and instructions — or maybe just have your operatives build the bombs and tell your patsies what to do.

But, hey!, you don't even have to convince them to "die for Islam". Just tell them to board the tube carriages (make sure they're carrying their drivers licenses and credit cards, suitably treated so as to withstand high explosives) and give them bombs with the timers set to explode a minute or so before they expect them to. You tell your patsy to board the train and get off at a certain station, leaving the bomb in the train, but to the surprise of the patsy the bomb explodes before he reaches his station.

On July 14th more details emerged regarding these "suicide bombers" See The Four Fanatics. One "worked with disabled youngsters at a school", another had a 1-year-old daughter and (according to a close friend) was never heard to "say anything extreme or violent." Something's fishy here. Could it be that these men never had any intention of detonating bombs and are being framed by the British government because, as with 9/11, an official story involving "Arab terrorists" is required for public consumption?

By the way, it's incorrect to say that Pakistanis are Arabs.

Due to the fact that the country lies in an area that was invaded repeatedly during its history, the people of Pakistan are ethnically diverse ... As a result, the Pakistani population can trace their ethnicity to Dravidian, Indo-Aryan, Greek, Scythian, Hun, Arab, Mongol, Persian, Baluchi, and Afghan roots. —  Middle East Institute

As noted on the London Bombings page, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani was not only yards from the Liverpool Street tube station when the bombs went off, he was also, the day before, in West Yorkshire, where three of the alleged suicide bombers are reported to have lived. What was he doing in West Yorkshire? According to the report in the Yorkshire Post:

Speaking in Yorkshire, Mr Giuliani said he had a lot of respect for the Prime Minister ... Mr Giuliani spoke out about the battle against terrorism and his admiration for Mr Blair in a speech about leadership to UK councillors at the Local Government Association conference in Harrogate.

Harrogate is twelve miles north of Leeds. Of course, it is merely a coincidence that Giuliani was, on July 6th, not far from the place where the alleged suicide bombers lived, and merely another coincidence that on July 7th he was not far from where they allegedly detonated their bombs.

On July 15th we learn that the explosives used were not, after all, military grade plastic explosives, actually C4, reported to have been found at all four blast sites. Rather (according to reports broadcast on the BBC World Service) the bombs were "home-made", made of ingredients which can be purchased in any chemist (pharmacy) in Britain. Looks like the British government is having a hard time keeping its story together. Military-grade explosives would, of course, have raised the question as to how those nice young men in Leeds happened to get hold of the stuff, which is supposed to be held under the very tight control of the British military and special ops boys. The UK Times suggests that "they benefited from accomplices who removed explosives from a military base." Sure, just walked out the door with them.

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