Date: Tue, 25 May 1999
From: Peter Meyer
Subject: Re: Iskender and Profane Time

Kevin Tobin wrote:

>The cosmology of our current
>dominant calendar, as I have so often pointed out, is profane and empty
>of spiritual or astronomical significance. Cosmology, calendar, clocks
>and culture are inseparable concepts and this is prcisely why the
>culture of today is also profane and without spiritual knowledge.

Yes, though there are other reasons for this deficiency, such as the suppression of spiritual knowledge consequent upon the political ascendancy of patriarchal monotheism from the middle of the first millennium B.C. (not to mention the original spiritual dumbing-down built into the human species from the beginning), around the time when a solar calendar was developed which ignored the connection to the Moon and to the stars.

>As long as the current global Empire
>is still in place, so will remain the sick time world that feeds it the
>life of the earth and the sweat and the ingenuity of humanity. The
>cosmology of Time=Money, to which we have degraded the vast symphony of
>the heavens that time once was, is the formula of ecocide and genocide.

Well put. We might also speak of corporate capitalist exploitation of the people of the world and the drive toward a corporate-militarist domination of the Earth, one episode of which we are currently witnessing in the U.S. attempt to grab a significant portion of Europe for future development as a huge U.S.-controlled military base. It will, of course, run on military time. (Still, this outcome is far from certain, since the Europeans are not fools.)

Peter Meyer