Date: Wed, 26 May 1999
From: Peter Meyer
To: Amos Shapir
Subject: Re: Europe

Hi Amos,

>I'm afraid it was already too late the moment they got into it; it's much
>too late now... :-(

See any likely developments?

I think there's some chance of large-scale public opposition to the war, though apart from the Greens in Germany last week I haven't seen much (which is not to say that the public is pro-war).

>I don't think the "Trojan horse" analogy fits; after all, it's not about
>getting a foothold in Europe, but about keeping what's left of it.
>Remember the cold war, the Marshal plan? 30-50 years ago, the USA
>practically owned western Europe!

Yes. And has attempted to maintain control. I guess it's a question of how many politicians remain bought. And whether those that remain can withstand possible large-scale public opposition.

As always, there are grounds for pessimism. But the situation is sufficiently serious that we should not give up hope.

On the other hand ... a friend pointed out to me that when the situation becomes sufficiently insane and unworkable war is history's usual way of clearing things up (meaning, not war in some distant country, but war at home, involving destruction of the status quo).