Date: Wed, 26 May 1999
From: Amos Shapir
To: Peter Meyer
Subject: Re: Europe

I do not believe in plots, especially not a "plot to rule the world" — that would require politicians to make long-term plans! Instead, I think the old adage applies : "never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity". (This applies to both sides of the operation in Kosovo, as well as the economical situation in Russia.)

The whole conduct of this "war" clearly shows lack of long term planning. The situation just keeps developing along a path of least local resistance; at each point, leaders make decisions like "I will do A, because my experience shows that the result will be B" (or "my economic formulas show that" in the case of the IMF in Russia). At no point did anyone try to stop and think "if B does not happen, what then?" — or even "if B does happen, what then?"

Bureaucracy and inertia always dictate "if B does not happen, do more of A". And more, and more, until someone outside the system notices something is wrong, and tries to do something — usually too late, not always successfully, and those who pay the price are rarely those who are responsible for the mess... :-(

— Amos Shapir