Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999
Subject: Re: Your words in print

Dear Peter,

I have done a bit more perusing of your site, and I have to tell you that I totally disagree with your position on Kosovo. Most wars are wrong, but in my opinion this is the first morally righteous war since WW II (and I say that as a native-born German). The incredible barbarity of the Serbs had to be stopped, and there was really nothing in this for NATO to gain. I am not a naive person, but in this case I truly believe it was revulsion at the Serbian atrocities that caused NATO to act. There was no choice but to destroy Nazi Germany, but out of that destruction grew a civilized modern Germany. I am afraid the same had to happen to Serbia.

Governments may be deceitful and corrupt (I agree) but sometimes they actually do do something morally good.