As Anatoly has already stated I will start with reciting certain text…

I decided not to learn it by heart, excuse me.

But I completely assure you that all these are indeed my thoughts, from the first till the last word.

So I start.

One month has passed since the moment I had to leave the post of Minister of Defence of Donetsk People’s Republic and commander of the militia.

I can’t say that it was an easy decision for me.

And difficult were circumstances in which I had to make it.

Donetsk and whole group of DPR armed forces were in state of operative encirclement.

And only with enormous difficulties managed to repel constant enemy attacks.

And only few persons among the Republic leaders knew that the situation was about to change soon and enemy will suffer serious, brutal defeat in the very next days.

I was among the small circle of these people.

But I couldn't give my subordinates even a tiniest hint that we will start offensive operation and liberate positions captured by enemy soon.

Even more difficult for me was realizing  that commanding the liberation of towns and settlements of Donbass abandoned (according to my direct orders, among other reasons) will be done not by me.

It was morally difficult to part with my comrades during the last hour before the dawn when darkness is the densest so to speak.

When failure of our cause appeared inevitable for many.

I won’t focus on the circumstances that forced me to resign.

I can only tell that decision I’ve made has justified itself allowing to unite the DPR  militia command before the offensive, avoid numerous conflicts, that were as leprosy corroding the Republic from inside, and also to provide reliable supplies of everything necessary for our units and groups.

During the last few weeks situation on the Novorossian frontlines has changed dramatically.

Punitive forces have been pushed back on the majority of directions and were forced to switched to defense.

Conditions for complete liberation of territories of Donbass from the punitive troops and squads controlled by Kiev government have been formed.

Under the DPR strikes, snarling enemy began rolling back on West, his troops and leaders were devoured by panic.

But what has happened next?

Right before our eyes forces who had already almost killed “Russian spring” are kept attempting to eliminate People’s Liberation movement of Russian people of Novorossiya ever since then, have interfered once again.

There is no villainy these forces that already have shown themselves the most malicious way many times in modern history of our Motherland wouldn’t commit.

Exactly them, controlled from abroad, played the crucial role in destruction of USSR in 1991.

And after that have openly tortured people [ed. in fact, he says “peoples”, meaning all nations], starting bacchanalia of pillage of enormous soviet economical and cultural heritage.

They’ve conducted liberal experiments terrible by their consequences over the remnants of our Motherland.

Which they used to (and keep doing it now) call with contemptuous epithet “this”.

Bacchanalia of destruction was followed by bloody wars, wild criminality, amorality rampage, moral decay, propaganda of all thinkable disgusting vices, elimination of economic independence and foreign policy sovereignty.

Even after failing attempts to destroy Russia completely in the beginning of 2000’s, these forces have never disappeared , covertly continuing their destructive activities, hoping that their hour will come again and they will finish their job.

However, when the dawn of “Russian Spring” began glimmering on the horizon, when our country began rising from its knees, not in words, but in reality, attempting to revise for themselves the results of Gorbachev’s capitulation and return historically owned territories, achieve real independence, Fifth column has instantly mobilized all its forces available.

Returning of Crimea has not just caused shock for them, and uprising of Novorossiya caused real panic, but also forced to reveal their true colours and their numerous agents alerted and thrown into a battle.

Agents who have successfully disguised as patriots and statesmen reaching the highest echelons of power and even in surroundings of President of Russia under this disguise.

After actually moving out against people’s and country’s interests, they however keep openly stating that they are President’s friends and calling their obviously subversive and harmful actions the only right way to defend the Russian statehood.

You would ask “Where does such impudence and confidence in their own invincibility come?”

Explanation is extremely simple: all that members of the fifth column value: money and other material resources as well as families and offsprings have been evacuated abroad long time ago, and its safety completely depends on will of their Western masters.

During 5 months of struggle Russian people of Novorossiya have tasted fruits of this kind of subversive actions fully.

When Russian military aid was vitally necessary for practically almost weaponless militia and when it could lead to practically bloodless liberation of all Russain-speaking regions, agents of influence howled in unison about impossibility and inadmissibility of direct military aid to the rebels.

Chasteners burnt people alive in Odessa, shelled with heavy artillery in Slavyansk, and rapidly formed combat-efficient army, and their accomplices who infiltrated the leadership of Russian foreign policy have not just sabotaged any military or political help to rebels, but also in full cooperation with Poroshenko, Akhmetov, Turchinov, Taruta and other figures of Ukrainian oligarchy splitted ranks and command of militia;

not allowing to create united command center and with joined effort attempted to lead President of Russia to their traps.

Only persistence and dedication of militia didn’t allow punishers to suppress the rebellion before the moment real Russian aid reached its destination.

Militia switched to the offensive.

But here traitors also have manifested themselves fully again.

They have immediately lend a helping hand to the punitive army which was on the brink of collapse organizing the ceasefire trying to surrender all results of militia offensive during the negotiations, abandoning them at the mercy of Kiev junta.

It was impossible to come up with more discreditable conditions that those discussed in Minsk negotiations.

Meanwhile, Kiev hastily replenishes, rearms and trains its army preparing to continue genocide of Russian people of Novorossiya.

As a result we have completely the same situation that we had in the very beginning of our movement, only in way more difficult initial positions.

If during April-May Kiev hadn’t got neither efficient army nor support of the population, now punishers are mobilized and armed to the teeth, and Ukrainian people suffering the massive affection of propaganda which makes extensive use of neuro linguistic programming methods, is significantly zombified, not able to distinguish truth from falsehood, black from white.

During the same few months several packages of sanctions had been imposed against Russia.

And Western high military ranks and diplomats, once again started talking about now a bit forgotten presentations concerning South Ossetia and Abkhazia;

direct threats heard from US controlled islamist terrorists.

They are preparing for long and serious war with Russia.

West and its 5th column here, practically don’t even hide their plans to overthrow President Putin with following complete dismantling of Russia;

and their influence agents with all their strength attempt to persuade that conciliation is not just acceptable, but is the only possible way.

The fact that enemies of Russia won’t tolerate anything but the complete capitulation is carefully concealed from the public and, I don’t exclude this possibility, from President himself.

This way all relatively favorable possibilities Russia had in spring, were left unrealized.

And on the contrary we are facing the constatntly growing military threat.

Role of 5th column in this result is undeniable.

Why have our liberals opposed President’s course so irreconcilably and maybe somewhat suicidally?

What made them so brave to openly challenge him and his policy?

In my opinion two main factors take place here.

First of them is that 5th column hasn’t got other option but to rebel for now covert, but its insurgency.

Revolution from the top, started by Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin doesn’t leave any chances for their political survival.

and their foreign masters don’t let them just flee country to their “fairly earned” manors abroad.

The second factor is even more obvious: occupying serious positions in government and having significant financial and material resources traitors seriously expect to seize the power themselves and on this new stage enthusiastically continue the process of pillage of remnants of once great country and utilization of nations inhabiting it.

But to implement this plan they have yet to conduct many preparations.

First of all to deprive President Putin of that great support of people he has fairly gained in the result of this external and internal policy cations of last years.

And what can be more profitable for this cause than betraying Russians of Novorossiya, with following laying all responsibility for it personally on President?

As figures of 5th column, as hyenas, diligently hide in his shadow, avoiding any publicity.

Plan outlined by enemy is now completely clear for us:

maximal prolongation of war with following maximal amount of victims of Russian people on the both sides of border possible, that’s their task;

don’t leave militias even a chance to win;

create growing bleeding ulcer at the Russian borders;

to cure which Russia will be forced to pour its resources drop after drop

where in result of “step forward, then two steps backwards” policy any decisive succsess won’t be reached.

At the same time burden of hundreds of thousands, and then millions of refugees will be placed upon Russian Federation,

and then Western sanctions will eventually undermine socio-economic health of state

especially when oligarchy will try to compensate the losses of it at the expense of the general population.

As a result, traitor hope to lead the situation to the most disgraceful and humiliating peace treaty betraying Russian population of Ukraine to cause additional wave of protests inside Russia.

And after that, according to the techniques well-tested back in the beginning of 20th century “Moscow Maidan” where in alleged righteous outrage “righties” and “lefties”, “patriots” and “liberals”, will join.

Proven scenario of 1905-1917 years by the “humiliating defeat - economic crisis - government discreditation - people’s unrests - palace coup” scheme, in actions once again.

Iin this respect defense of Novorossya and support of its people are vitally important to save Russia, and disruption of 5th column plans.

If we will manage to achieve victory there, we will manage to save Russia, if we fail - we will ose the remnants of our Motherland.

No compromises are possible now, and the ones who will try to state opposite, willingly or not, will be working according to enemy’s plans.

It’s either-or.

Either Russia fully restores real sovereignty or it will be destroyed by coalition of external and internal oligarchy clans.

Estimating my role in struggle against the plans of subversive forces, I’d like to say that I made my choice.

Main front line of this struggle is now here.

i hope that exactly in Russia I will be the most useful.

At the same time I emphasize once again: the ones who hope or used to hope to use me personally, or my name in destructive purposes will have to be seriously disappointed.

No matter how critical I am about certain internal or external policy decision of President in conditions of war started against us, I consider it necessary to support him as the only legitimate superior commander, the main guarantor of freedom and independence of the state.

In my opinion, to really save Novorossiya suffering nazi genocide against itself, its “supporters” who have lead it to the brink of the military failure have to be exposed and deprived of their positions in the 1st place.

And the ones who started creating the image of “coronel Strelkov, leader of people’s protest”, I inform that they can rest not even hoping to buy me with fake praises.

the meaning of officer’s duty is to serve his country and his people.

Trade even often unrewarding but faithful service for fake glory and fleeting popularity in favour of my country’s enemies is the ultimate dishonor for me.

Leet them finally realize, that there are still people (I am not talking about myself only) who value own duty and honesty more than personal profits and vainglory.  

As events in Novorossya have shown, there are still lots of such people.

We won’t allow to tear apart and loot Russia once again, as they destroyed Russian Empire in 1917 and USSR in 1991.

That’s all.