Venezuela — U.S. Modus Operandi
by FBaggins

The bribes and destabilization efforts [of the U.S. regarding Venezuela] began long before even Chavez came to power. When any "client" nation of the U.S. nationalizes its resources it automatically becomes an enemy of the U.S. which is a nation run totally by and for the Rothschild Anglo-Zionist international banking cartel and by the Western multinational oil and gas corporations. Once an enemy of the U.S, if bribery, blackmail, intimidation does not work then in come the bankster corporatocracy jackals supported by covert CIA operatives to do the real wet work. When that fails to secure the coveted resources then real destabilization efforts begin in the way of creating unrest with paid splinter groups against the standing government, training and arming "insurgents", U.S. denunciation of the standing government, embargoes and sanctions with all sorts of regime-change tactics. If the resistance of the people to these efforts is too strong in the target nation, then acts of terrorism occur until a civil war breaks out with the U.S. recruiting, training, arming, deploying and paying the "insurgents". When that method fails then the U.S. invades.

Most nations and most people in the world now see very clearly through all the U.S. and Western establishment lies and propaganda, and are absolutely disgusted with and opposed to the greed, extortion, deception, violence and plundering of the American-Anglo-Zionist cabal. Our prayers are that the sociopaths from the top and all the way down their chain of command either cease and desist from this conduct once and for all time, or that the people rise up everywhere [in every country, including the U.S.], take back their nations, and replace these monsters entirely, while bringing each of them with their collaborators to account in order to make full and fair restitution.

This is a comment by FBaggins to The Real Reason The U.S. Wants Regime Change In Venezuela,
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For an in-depth analysis of the causes of Venezuela’s problems see Nafeez Ahmed’s
Venezuela’s collapse is a window into how the Oil Age will unravel

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