The 1996 Positronics
Sinsemilla Fanclub Catalogue

Second Home

In 1970, on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam, there was the Second Home, our own hippie youth center with a 'living room' where a lot of grass was smoked. For something to smoke, you were sent by the group, with way too much money, everyone pitched in, to the Amstel 54, a coffeeshop where tens of dealers screamingly tried to draw your attention.

Mellow Yellow

From 1973 to 1976 there was our teahouse Mellow Yellow. The first new-style coffeeshop where a steady house dealer had his wares ready, and pre-packaged, so that buying hash and weed became an uncomplicated thing for everybody.

The Nether-weedlands

In 1979 we imported, and more importantly, smoked, Sinsemilla from America, and we decided: That's it, the Netherlands must become the Nether-weedlands, the Jamaica of Europe. That's why the Lowlands Seed Company was founded, and it promoted the seedless growing method (sinsemilla), based on genetics that had been imported from America.


In 1985 Positronics was founded with the purpose of making homegrowing accessible to everyone. We produce our own lamps, seed and fertilizers, and sell everything else needed for biological cropgrowing. As software we supply an idea and a lifestyle, that shows how to commune with marijuana in a useful manner, so that it enriches your life, in a way that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Entheogen drug

Each drug is as safe as the social network that surrounds its use. That's why we started the Sinsemilla Fanclub and the newspaper Soft Secrets. That's why we have a Sinsemilla Cantina, where you can have a bite to eat, a drink or a smoke, in good surroundings. Because marijuana is an Entheogen drug that transforms people and causes a search for the Divine in themselves and in others.

Corn. Troostraat 33
1072 JB Amsterdam

Sinsemilla Fanclub
Corn. Troostraat 25
1072 JB Amsterdam


It is of course hardly necessary to point out that if you live in the U.S.A., the U.K., Australia, Singapore or in some other country where the government is a willing participant (or, worse, a prime instigator, as in the case of the U.S.) in the despicable "War on Drugs" then any communication by means of these addresses should be conducted carefully (under an assumed name, perhaps), since there is no point in adding to the already multitudinous secret dossiers that governments maintain on "suspected persons" (who are generally decent, mainly law-abiding, and mostly honest, citizens) who are suspect for their independence of mind and desire for privacy and freedom, and are candidates for internment in labor camps if and when these governments feel sufficiently threatened by those whose welfare they pretend to care for.

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