Possible Patterns and Motivations Forming
for September 11th Sequel?
by Archaeos Prime, 2003-02-14

Okay, remember Gary Hart talking about a probable terrorist bio-attack on specific U.S. cities?

See Fox News, Hannity and Colmes Transcript — http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,76298,00.html

Now this article, "Bring Us The Head Of Osama bin Laden", by Kurt Nimmo, http://rense.com/general34/osam.htm, helps me put together another attack possibility, all of it just as staged as the World Trade Center implosions.

I don't wish to be a fear-monger, not in the least. I don't propose that I'm necessarily correct that this will happen, but we need to look at the patterns and motivations for such an attack forming at this point in time. I'm not given to paranoia. I have no first hand information except my own observations of politically motivated activity regarding the War on Terror. But I've never seen such a convincing pattern forming before this point in time, certainly not to the degree that it would make me feel the need to write something publicly like this. So if I'm wrong about all that follows, I'll be as happy as an independently wealthy resident of Hawaii.

Now, supposedly Osama bin Laden says on some new audio tape (no more legitimate than any of the previous ones, to be sure) that he's going to "die a martyr in the belly of the beast".

Translation? As outlined in Kurt Nimmo's article, this almost certainly means the Bush Regime is planning to create a convenient death scene inside the U.S., where bin Laden's "body" will be found with appropriate planted evidence, probably DNA, for "positive ID". This will eliminate the myth of bin Laden, who was almost certainly a staged bad-guy character to begin with. Osama bin Laden has been a U.S. operative from the beginning, and his anti-hero myth is now more of an inconvenience than anything else to the Bush Regime.

However, do you think it'll be staged as some small scene of minimal carnage? Not likely. Osama bin Laden would never allow himself to die in some pitiful, ineffective crash or explosion involving an attack on the U.S. This will almost certainly be another destructive and spectacular "terrorist attack" on the same scale as September 11th.

I've been waiting for the Sequel to September 11th to happen for quite some time, watching the patterns of behavior among the Regime. Those patterns have finally begun to coalesce into clarity for the first time since 9/11/2001. This is the PERFECT time for such a second event, and I'll tell you why.

1) Demon-Child of Patriot Act is ready to roll and just waiting for the perfect distraction to be rammed through a Congress, made up mostly of yes-men and fools, who likely won't read this atrocity-on-paper any more than they did the first Patriot Act, before voting it through. A second attack will wipe out all doubts about al-Qaida among those who still don't understand who's really behind this production, making them more pliable in allowing Patriot Act II to be rammed through Congress without too much hype or resistance.

Voxfux: George Bush —
He means what he says.
2) The failure of finding bin Laden has been a thorn in the side of the Regime for quite some time, drawing too much focus from the politico-religious persecution of Iraq, and just plain making Bush look bad. They need a public image of invulnerability to accomplish all they want to accomplish, now and in the future. In a second attack, the Regime's failure to catch Osama bin Laden disappears. Sadaam Hussein takes full center stage for good, or until he's vaporized along with a goodly number of Iraqi citizens, mostly under the age of 15. Then we can move in, pretending to rebuild a new Iraqi government and then, like our toll-highways that were supposed to become freeways once the construction was paid for, the Bush Regime will find convenient reasons or secret political methods of holding its grip on the region ... and its oil. We may become a silent partner in the ownership of Iraq, with some front-government pretending to be a legitimate representative body.

3) We, the sheeple, need to be given a reminder event that, yes, September 11th CAN happen again, and again ... and if we don't shut up and let Big Daddy Bush do his job the way he wants to, we'll all see more of these attacks. A second attack was always going to be the event that "gels" the entire gameplan, where the citizens will be "reminded" what kind of threat we live under, eliminating the nightmare-dream-quality that Sept. 11th has been to most people. We're all subject to the occassional notion that September 11th wasn't really "real", or that it was a fluke, or an event that happens once or twice per century. There's no way another Pearl Harbor could possibly happen again during this "war". Deep down, even those of us with clear knowledge of the Regime's goals want to believe this was the worst event we'll ever see before we gleefully vote Bush and his henchmen out of office in 2004. A nice daydream.

4) bin Laden will be made a martyr, creating a rallying point for al-Qaida, various other terrorist organizations, and other sympathetic Muslims who are understandably full of rage. Far from being a drawback in the "War on Terror", the fresh anger directed at the U.S. from those we're supposedly fighting will PERPETUATE this war-without-end, to the great benefit of the Bush Regime. The following "news reports" of Anti-American hatred around the world will steel the resolve of the American sheeple to tough it out while our "pre-emptive retaliations" against terror (from any country, be it Iran, N. Korea, Pakistan, France, Russia, whatever) continue. It won't even matter if this anger doesn't really exist, or doesn't last very long, or remains impotent for lack of terrorist strength ... our corporate media toadies will be more than happy to push propaganda stories as far and as long as it remains viable in the minds of the sheeple.

So if Gary Hart knows something we don't, and if this Osama tape is being created by the same people who created the others, with the patterns and motivations we're now seeing come to light ... then we could be facing another spectacular attack fairly soon, in some form whose epicenter can render a body conveniently unrecognizable by visual ID.

Man, I hope I'm wrong ... I'd rather be that dude in Hawaii right now.

Archaeos Prime

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