Two Communications from Walter Burien
Concerning the 9/11 Airline Put Options

FIRST COMMUNICATION: Walter Burien in Reply to John Kaminski

Subj: Re: [Fwd: Question: Can you amplify on this comment, please?]
Date: 12/28/03

In a message dated 12/28/03 10:47:49 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

> Gentlemen:
> Can we all unite on a single task: finding out who placed the orders
> for the "put" options in the days immediately before 9/11? Discussions
> I've had in the enclosed e-mail seem to indicate this information is
> available and not protected by financial disclosure restrictions.
> Please examine the enclosed and brainstorm how we can get this
> information into the public sphere. It could be the thread to unravel
> the mystery.


Five million on the Airline put option is truly chump change.

The morning of 911 US Bonds moved in 3 to 4 minutes by 1.5 points back and forth three times or $1,500 per contract in seconds three times in less than 4 minutes.

Most institutional traders trade in blocks of 500 to 3,000 contracts. Daily transactions are 350,000 to 400,000 contracts traded. The bond market trading was suspended about one hour after the attack. When it reopened it moved in several days by 5 points. Someone holding 1000 contracts would have reaped five million dollars using one million. International and domestic stock index futures would have reaped over fifteen million using one million. Guess who made the biggest killing on short international and domestic stock index positions? What one group was holding tens of thousands of short positions going into 911 that reaped about 250 billion dollars in the blink of an eye? Hint! Begins with a G and ends with a T.

The following disclosures are critical in understanding what you are and have seen taking place in the Markets.

I will start off with a clip from Allen Greenspan, who was quoted in the Wall Street Journal in 2000 as saying he was: "Concerned about the eighty (80) trillion dollar international derivative market."

What was not said by him was that the composite US Government investment funds were the primary user, player, manipulator, and profiteers within that 80 trillion dollar derivative market. The government investment funds are professional short players with no equal in opposition.

A derivative gives the ability for selling the market "short" on paper even if you do not own the stock, commodity, currency, bonds, etc.

The government investment managers over the last 30 years have become VERY familiar with using this tactic to reap in hundreds of billions of dollars each year!

The government, who controls the economic reports, media coverage, and wealth is in a position to manipulate the above and create an environment to secure substantial revenue while everyone else is lying on the shoulder of the road bleeding to death. For three months prior and going into 911 the government investment funds had increased their short positions to the largest diversified short positions ever held by them.

Look at any chart for a commodity or stock. Prices collapse four to five times faster than they rise. By selling on the domestic and international derivative markets, this makes the largest "quick" profits, and it is all on paper! You do not have to own the physical stock or commodity. By using derivatives, and if you have the ability to manipulate the market as was the case on 911 you take the money from those that do own the physical stock or commodity.

EXAMPLES: Sell a gold futures contract (on paper) at $400 / oz then buy it back at $200, margin requirement to do so on 100 ounces is $1000 Now $400 — $200 = $200 x 100 ounces = $20,000 using $1000

Sell a call option or buy a put option on Microsoft stock at $100 per share and then liquidate the option at $50, you just made $50 per share on your "short" option.

If the price moves in the direction of your short derivative position substantial moneys are made and you accomplish this not owning the physical stock, commodity, or currency. A monopoly (Such as: US Composite Government Funds) controlling the swings in the markets will reap unheard of profits on each and every dramatic swing. If there is no volatility, up or down then profits using derivatives are substantially reduced.

The OVERALL government investment funds are in the trillions of dollars!

Less than 450 managers control 80% of that revenue!

They all, in so many words, subscribe to the same news letter, and discuss strategy at the same club!

As the public had hundreds of billions of dollars liquidated from their 401k plans as the market dove lower and lower, in a quick yo yo fashion, the government investment funds through the use of derivatives, transfers that wealth into their management accounts and hands.....

Look at the bottom line on the government investment portfolios! They will have taken substantial losses on their physical stock holdings but, their derivative profits will greatly offset those losses or in fact in many a case show a net profit towards the overall results! (Look carefully at cash withdraws / transfers made offsetting those profits to give the appearance of an annual operating loss)

The public provides liquidity in the market place to allow the biggest monopoly the world has ever known to secure more wealth. Your government at work!

Compare the private sector's return on investments over 2001, 2002 (dismal) compared to government's "NET" return over the same period of time. (substantial)

US Government investment funds have and are doing the same on the International markets as well. Through the use of derivatives, the "substantial" US Government investment funds control the stock market, gold prices, currency prices, etc. Absolute financial control by the largest monopoly on Earth!

Any, commodity, International Stock market, or Corporate complex's value can be strongly suppressed or over inflated for years by a monopoly using derivatives. Controlled by paper transactions for commitments to buy or sell without physical ownership of what is bought or sold.

It does not matter if prices go up or collapses. When the US Government investment managers are moving in tandem, controlling the events and news, they reap obscene returns THROUGH THE USE OF DERIVATIVES!

If you look at "WHO" was holding the majority of "SHORT" derivative positions on the domestic and international stock index markets prior to 911, and then reaped over a trillion dollars in profits within weeks from the ensuing collapse of those physical markets, you will find in that group who was responsible for 911. There is one problem in finding this out. That being government controls the release of that information by the SEC and CFTC.

A small conflict of interest exists here, being that the results of that study would show US government was holding the majority of the international and domestic "SHORT" positions! The airline stock option transaction at issue and that most people have heard about promoted in the news is truly minuscule chump change in comparison.

Yes, government is preparing for an uprising in this country. So they needed to direct the public eye to a far away enemy so that they can secure control here. Greed has thrived within government circles. The results of that greed has been obscene and the resulting damage to the morals and health of this country in response is sickening.

The results of the takeover of the American wealth has been done almost exclusively on paper through manipulation of legislature and the judiciary over the last 60 years with the cooperation of the syndicated news media and education. With the conquest being done by transferring the wealth on paper, the consequences for the "takers" was virtually nonexistent!

Well, the natives are getting restless! The prize is great, ownership of this country and future control of the planet!

Hmm! Homeland Security! But security for whom? Becoming obvious to you yet?

Natives can be pesky little creatures when they realize their families, wives, and children have been raped. They can become very hostile when they realize that their wealth was slipped right out of their hands with no consequence to the "takers." Natives can revolt when they realize these things, and take resentment for the "takers" continued push to indoctrinate them and their children so that what has been taken and is being taken will continue unabated.

Here is an age old tactic the takers use when the natives get restless: When the takers hear the random war drums starting to beat at home stronger and stronger from the natives due to the abuses of the takers, the takers will use their well structured organization to re-create the pounding of the war drums at home with their selected target afar now being marketed to the natives. By doing so the native's attention and hostility can be carefully controlled and directed away from the takers and towards some "other" entity, the created enemy afar.

When, and as this happens, look out! The takers create a scenario of absolute control, and within this type of environment, the takers will become ruthless beyond all measures after solidifying additional control. WW1, WW2, WW3?



Walter Burien P. O. Box 2112 Saint Johns, Arizona 85936 Video Release — 12/12/03 — TNT (The National Tea-Party) Self Sufficiency in Government "Without" Taxation

SECOND COMMUNICATION: Walter Burien in Reply to Mike Ruppert

Subj: Re: [Fwd: Question: Can you amplify on this comment, please?]
Date: 12/29/03

In a message dated 12/29/03 12:23:32 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

> And it is incorrect that trading records are publicly available. They
> are protected under banking and financial privacy legislation. Only the
> government can access these records; either with a search warrant or a
> court order. It was done and the results have never been disclosed. It
> would be a criminal offense for a journalist or a private citizen to
> obtain these records independently. That's why it has not been done. [SNIP]


Not quite true. The government trading accounts push 65% of the paper in these markets. Government investment funds are required disclosure if pursued. The CFTC and SEC data tape is definitive for volume and positions held every second of the day.

The general position streams have no restrictions from disclosure between exchange members. They archive and share it live within the financial community of exchange members who are producing and clearing the data.. When it comes down to individual accounts, private are confidential but government investment funds handled by private managers are not and cannot be held confidential if pried open by any definitive court order from a competent jurisdiction.

Management for all intents and purposes waves inforcement of nondisclosure rules when handling government funds. An intentional cover-up on any disclosure coming forth in this arena per overall government investment funds positions held would be nothing other than treason of the strongest degree, under any color of refusal.

The showing of derivative transactions both on the domestic and international fronts would burn the government's facade alive. Based on the fund trackers, government fund accounts were holding their largest short positions "ever" going into 911.

Walter Burien (AKA: Bubien) CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) of 14 years (1978-92) National Sales Manager: US Trading Championship — Money Managers Verified Ratings for 10 years. (1982-1992) Tenant — 1WTC, NY, NY — 1979-81

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