Afterword to "Ghost Gun UA175"
by Dr Stefan Grossman
This is an edited version of Dr Stefan Grossman's "Afterword" to Marcus Icke's Ghost Gun UA175, in which Marcus Icke critiques the available images of (the alleged) United Airlines Flight 175 crashing into the South Tower at the WTC on September 11th, 2001, showing that whatever the object was it could not have been a Boeing 767 as the official story claims, and that the photographic evidence has been subjected to widespread and systematic tampering.

I believe that M.D. Justin A. Frank's book Bush On The Couch, Inside The Mind Of The President (HarperCollins, 2004) provides a perfect overall explanation for the lies of the media and government surrounding the mass murder of over 3000 people on Tuesday, September 11, 2001. With the teetering greenback currency propped up by the American oil industry defending it against the euro currency and possible collapse, a second Pearl Harbor was needed in order to trigger a chain of oil wars against "enemy" nations, those who have oil fields, poppy fields and/or oil pipeline options for the black gold under the Caspian Sea.

The unelected pretender that some call Herr Adolf Bush, an alleged Satanist and sexual deviant of apparently feeble mindset, is a tool in the hands of destructive forces dominant within the plutocracy. It is well-known that upon hearing of the alleged "terrist attacks" Herr Bush did nothing, continuing to read the story of a pet goat with school children at Emma E. Booker Elementary School in Sarasota, Florida. September 11th, a calamity of the first magnitude, is exposed beyond any reasonable doubt by Marcus Icke, through photos taken by the faker media and even the government (FEMA) itself. What they show is the wrong UA175, as Marcus Icke demonstrates. All told, I find particularly impressive the FEMA photo (by Anthony Cotsifas) with the bulging left (port) wing root. I do not believe that this is the aircraft with tail number N612UA that has been flying Americans since 1983 because this is utterly impossible for aerodynamic and other reasons. I myself verified through informed contacts in New York that this is a photo of "FEMA Interests" and that the rendition displayed in the article (the dark-gray windowless flying vehicle with the bulging left wing root) is true and authentic. This is not flight UA175! That is the truth in a nutshell. The truth shall make us free (Saint John the Baptist).

Unfortunately, decadence, grand theft and lies of several decades have hollowed out the moral and financial edifice of the world's last remaining superpower. The bribe-gained appointment of Herr Bush to the throne in late 2000 by a junta of five judges on the US Supreme Court together with America's terror Tuesday on 9-11 came in a drive of frenzy as the suicide of American politics. All the rest are the macabre contortions of a decapitated corpse.

Where are the US$6,000,000,000,000 (six trillion US dollars) of the social security pension fund that were safe-housed at Citibank? Gone! Where are over US$3,000,000,000,000 (three trillion US dollars) from the HUD (Housing and Urban Development) program of the federal government? Gone! Where are over US$20,000,000,000,000 (twenty trillion US dollars) that have disappeared over the last 30 years into the Pentagon black budget, unaccounted for? Gone! What happens to bankrupts shortly before their financial stroke fells them? They become frenzied and start raving lunatic stuff. Such as the myth that on 9-11 "hijacked planes" were used and the attacks were an act of 19 Arab student clowns piloting those planes — suicide hijackers, seven of whom are still alive today. The FBI has admitted they left no paper trail. The passenger manifestos prove they never boarded any of the proposed planes. Two of the proposed planes never left the airport according to the BTS government database of flight departures and landings. And so on, ad nauseam.

When a high court in Hamburg, Germany, asked the US government to provide evidence in two trials against alleged helpers of 9-11 "terrorist" Mohammed Atta, the US government simply provided no evidence, although just months before spokespersons for the US government had loudly proclaimed that they had stacks of evidence. As a lawyer with 15 years of experience, my most plausible explanation for this behavior is that no such evidence exists. That is a good and plausible reason why the US government did not provide it to the court. The same thing (trumped-up "evidence") happened in preparing the invasion of Iraq, namely, regarding the so-called "Niger yellow cake" (the alleged base for obtaining fissionable uranium).

Lunatic stuff — that is exactly what the oil-soaked spy-riddled monopoly media are blowing into our ear day in and day out. Especially about 9-11. I contend that 9-11 was an insider crime. Together with Lenny Bloom of the Cloak And Dagger talk radio show in Toronto, I have compiled the largest private documentary of 9-11, a multimedia PDF e-book entitled "T MINUS 9-11, An Insiders' Attack On America" (March 2004). It is for sale and instant download at my web site, Many intricacies of the political mafia who perpetrated this treasonous crime are divulged in that book. Further evidence transpiring throughout the year 2004 is collected in additional writings and in an NTSC format video DVD on my site. My research implicates strongly America's Zionist Al Qaeda of false Jews ("Hofjuden") around Larry Silverstein (Building 7, admitted to have been "pulled" on 9-11), Henry Kissinger and his longest and best-paying client Maurice "Hank" Greenberg of AIG insurance behemoth, and their backers the Blackstone Group and its associate the Carlyle Group. The suspected $7 billion insurance fraud is now before New York State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer, who is apparently blocking the investigation. Mind you: it was not "the Jews" but mainly insiders of a small internationalist banker clique linked with the Carlyle group, the same clique whose fathers and grandfathers financed Adolf Hitler.

Lunatic stuff — that is what it is all about: To cheat the people out of their right to know the truth. That is why I find appropriate the name "Herr Adolf Bush". The ugly beast of tyranny has once again reared its head, this time to engulf our entire planet. It is the right of the people to resist and to overthrow the Beast.

The plane that hit the South Tower was not Flight 175

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