Letter to the Editors, Berkeley Daily Planet, concerning
Safety of America's Steel Frame Buildings

Editors, Daily Planet:

Congratulations to KPFA for airing the New York City portion of the Kean Commission 9/11 hearings. No other media organization would touch it, not even CSPAN.

One issue that has me seriously concerned, if we are to believe Larry Bensky's unflinching support of the Bush administration's account of what happened on that day, is the strength of our steel frame buildings.

On 9/11, two 60-ton jets slammed into the towers near their points of greatest leverage and thinnest steel, yet despite no visible movement of the buildings less than an hour later, the south tower (WTC2—the second building to be hit) collapses, according to the Kean Commission, in 10 seconds. The upper floors, which were on fire and which were lighter and, according to the Bensky/Bushco model, lost all their strength from the fires, traveled through the lower floors, which were constructed of thicker steel and had no fires in seconds. WTC2 was 1,362 feet tall. Freefall in a vacuum from a height of 1,362 feet is 9.2 seconds. This means that the steel structure of the twin towers offered little more resistance than the air surrounding the buildings in its vertical direction.

One can only conclude from the Bensky/Bushco New Physics Order, that steel frame buildings have incredible horizontal strength and almost no vertical strength. I submit that we immediately stop all construction of steel frame buildings as they are prone to instantaneous collapse from the forces of gravity.

David Heller

This letter appeared in the Letters to the Editor section
of the 2004-06-08 edition of the Berkeley Daily Planet.

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