The Passengers

Hi Michael,

>If the planes (flight numbers) that were said to have crashed into
>these structures were not the actual flights/vehicles as stated by the media,
>what exactly happened to all of the folks who were listed as killed in these crashes?

This is a big unanswered question.  There are some speculative possibilities:

1.  Some or all of the commercial flights never existed.
Thus no or fewer passengers existed than said to.  

2.  Most of the passengers were actually military/security/intelligence types
who were part of the plot and, if still alive, now exist in some secret 

3.  The passengers were mostly innocent, their planes landed, they were
transferred elsewhere and probably eliminated.

One intriguing piece of the puzzle is the plane which landed at
Cleveland airport with about 200 mystery passengers, who were
never heard of again.  For more on this see
[Page disappeared:  Archived here and here.]

Peter Meyer

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