Greenbrier and the Coming War:
History Repeating Itself?
By George Paxinos, 2002-04-17

Someone recently sent me an email about a story that is apparently making the rounds again after many years, having been published in the Washington Post way back in 1992.

Now the reason this story interests me, is because it may prove to have interesting historic parallels in the sense of events of, before and since September 11, having historic precedents, too, way back to the 1930s.

If we look at the FBI/BATF massacre of the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas, we can find many parallels to the Nazi massacre of Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto.

OK, you may say, but so what? — the Israelis are reported to recently have studied that same Warsaw Ghetto Massacre and used precisely those tactics against the Palestinians — so what's new? — that humans never learn, and always seem to want to pass on the kick they themselves received to someone else?

No, the interesting point is that so far events since the stolen vote by George W. Bush also seem to have parallels, indeed their very parallel roots, in the step-by-step assumption of control of power in Germany in the 1930s, by Adolf Hitler:

We have the Reichstagsbrand, the burning of Germany's Parliament, which was also attributed to terrorists, parallelled in the events of September 11, the burning of the World Trade Center and, as the media have until now hastened to assure us, the Pentagon, which latter story is now emerging for the scam it is. We have the mass roundups of allegedly definitely-identified suspects only days after those events (even though between seven and eleven, by various reports, of those identified have proved to be still alive and well elsewhere in the world, their identity papers having once been stolen). We have detention of rounded-up suspects held without trial and with recourse neither to families nor to lawyers, in clear violation of the US Constitution. We have draconic new legislation rushed through in the hysterical aftermath of September 11, laws obviously well-sculpted and that well in advance of what now looks, to an ever-increasing number of observers, to be events anticipated far in advance of their happening and, worse, planned in their execution by the unelected Shadow Government itself, in order to profit certain corporate minorities related to people in Government, mainly the Carlye Group, shareholders of which included the Bush and Bin Ladin Families. And we hear rumours of hundreds of detention facilities having been either reactivated and refurbished, or else newly-created, across the United States.

Now let us look back at history, let us go back 69 years and look at the year 1933: Here is an excerpt from the book Der Zweite Weltkrieg (The Second World War) by Polish Historian Janusz Piekalkiewicz (ECON Verlag GmbH, 1985, ISBN 3 430 17479 1):

I quote from this book in German and give a free translation:

Der Zweite Weltkrieg von Janusz Piekalkiewicz (Ausschnitt)

S21: Am Montag, dem 30.Januar 1933, ernennt Reichspräsident von Hindenburg den "unbekannten Gefreiten des Ersten Weltkrieges", Adolf Hitler, zum Reichskanzler.  ... Am Freitag, dem 3.Februar 1933, erläutert Hitler der Reichswehrführung seine Pläne: Ausrottung des Bolschewismus, Kampf gegen den Versailler Vertrag, Eroberung von "Lebensraum".

Nach dem Reichstagsbrand vom Montag, dem 27.Februar 1933, hebt Hitler am nächsten Tag durch eine Notverordnung sämtliche in der Verfassung garantierten Freiheitsrechte auf.

An diesem 28.Februar 1933 entsteht mit der Herausgabe der Notverordnung das eigentliche Grundgesetz des NS-Regimes: Die Freiheit und Unverletzlichkeit der Person, der Wohnung, des Briefgeheimnisses, dazu die Meinungs-, Versammlungs- und Vereinsfreiheit sowie die Gewährleistung des Eigentums werden "bis auf weiteres" außer Kraft gesetzt und dabei der verfasssungsrechtliche Ausnahmezustand hervorgerufen, der erst im Mai 1945 mit dem Zusammenbruch des Dritten Reiches endet.  ...

S23: Am Montag, dem 20.März 1933, entsteht auf Anordnung von Reichsführer SS Heinrich Himmler das KZ-Lager Dachau, das erste von 22 Lagern mit insgesamt 165 Außenstellen, die während der NS-Herrschaft errichtet werden. Im Frühjahr 1933 befinden sich allein in Preußen bereits etwa 25'000 Personen in Schutzhaft. Bis zum Sommer 1933 entstehen zahlreiche große KZ-Lager wie Oranienburg, Esterwegen und Papenburg.

  The Second World War by Janusz Piekalkiewicz (Excerpt)

P21: On Monday, the 30th of January, 1933, [German] Reichspresident von Hindenburg names the "Unknown Corporal" of the First World War, Adolf Hitler, as German Chancellor.  ... On Friday, Febrauary 3, Hitler addresses the German Military Command, explaining his plans to eradicate Boshevism, fight the Treaty of Versailles, and conquer additional territory for German expansion.

The day following the Reichstagsbrand, [the fire which burned down the German Parliament building] of Monday, February 27, 1933, Hitler issues an emergency decree suspending all guaranteed Constitutional Rights.

On this day, the 28th of February 1933, by issue of this emergency decree, the de-facto Constitution of the National Socialist regime comes into being: Freedom and Inviolability of Person, Domicile, Correspondence, also Feeedom of Expression, Right of Assembly and Right of Association, as also too Right of Ownership, are abrogated "until further notice" and a State of Emergency declared, which only ended in May of 1945 with the collapse of the Nazi regime.  ...

P23: On Monday, the 20th of March, 1933, by order of Reichsführer of the SS Heinrich Himmler, the Concentration Camp Dachau was created, the first of 22 camps with 165 subsidiaries to be built during the Nazi era. In Spring of 1933, already alone in Prussia 25,000 people had been placed under "preventive detention". By summer, numerous large concentration camps such as Oranienburg, Esterwegen and Papenburg had been built.

See any parallels, folks? — over 1,200 individuals to date in secret detention, somewhere in the United Sttes — THAT WE KNOW ABOUT — and several hundreds of people in dog-pounds in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, under conditions of sensory-deprivation torture in contravention of all civilised conventions of war and peace?

So what has this got to do with the price of eggs?

Well, to date, following in the steps of his apparent mentor, Good Old Adolf, Good Ole Boy George W. still has another step to take, and that is eradication of any possible opposition, be it of democratically elected, or of military provenance, because Good Ole Adolf did just that: He was afraid of opposition by Ernst Roehm and his three million Brown Shirts who helped him get his Nazi Party into power, so thought fit to eliminate its leadership under the accusation that they were homosexuals, and so he got them together at a place called Wiessee, and then went over with his thugs one night — his self-named "Night of the Long Knives" — and those he did not eliminate on the spot, he captured and shot later, estimated as somewhere between 200 and, by our old teacher, an escaped German Jew, perhaps up to 600 men, claiming that only he had the right to pass the death sentence on them, "for the good of the German people". And in the secret detention camps in the USA and Cuba, military tribunals can execute anyone detained there without normal process of law, by decree of Good Ole Dubya — sound similar at all to Good Old Adolf?

For further info on this see "Night of the Long Knives":

Now, the entire Bush scenario up until now, from the Clinton era with its Waco/Warsaw Ghetto, then Bush's Reichstagsbrand 1933/WTC2001, seems to be following in the steps of Adolf Hitler, and, should the pattern ring true to form, might the next thing on the agenda be the elimination of Ernst Roehm's SA — or, in this case, the US Congress and Senate as a whole?

Surely, I acknowledge that this is pure speculation on my part, but, anyhow, it can do no real harm, and might actually do some good, because anticipating that Nazi pattern which Bush appears to be following, will help spike his wheels on any further anti-democratic moves.

From what little I know of US law, the only Amendment he has not yet touched or abrogated is the Second Amendment. Why? Because he is frightened of the average good Armed and Responsible American Citizen.

My own expectation is, that when internal trouble is instigated by Government plants, necessitating the calling-out of the National Guard, he is going to ask the various militias and gun-groups to deputise as lawkeepers, all armed, of course, and something they will likely do with alacrity, being given a badge and a licence to kill by the Good Ole Boy Govt making them feel really good and likely bringing out the inner psychopath of the sometime weekend soldier. And then, when "order" is restored, having them shipped off to "further training" or maybe the quelling of "riots in other areas" — and of course perhaps passing, on their way there, through the gassing facilities of places like the new Denver International Airport (see and never being seen again by man, woman, kids nor beast ...

If this article, recently making the rounds of the internet,
The Ultimate Congressional Hideaway By Ted Gup Sunday, May 31, 1992; Page W11 The Washington Post

was reprinted anywhere in the media recently, then something is just not right; if the website you got it from is a stooge site with wide distribution, we must look at this issue carefully:

WHY should anyone encourage the spread of an article about a government secret facility for the protection of the nation's legislators NOW, if it were still (mostly) secret, and, if not, then why underscore it at precisely this time?

The public's memory span is notoriously short, and any issues raised at any particular time must be raised for a reason, before other succeeding events take prominence in their minds: if you want to raise an issue, you must inject it into their minds, and then keep it warm.

OK — here's MAYBE the scenario as I see it:

Take approaching deadlines, say:

1. War on Iraq.
According to the experts, either April/May or else from September on, in-between, it is too hot.

Take another deadline:

2. Rising Criticism of Bush
I heard on the BBC World Service the other night some US Congressman (forget the name) saying that Bush's plans for war on Iraq should be examined critically, as he is usurping the right of the Congress to declare war, which he has no right to do unilaterally himself. The Representative spoke of clear-cut "mission creep", the gradual expansion of US hostilities beyond their stated objectives, which were "retaliation" against the "perpetrators" of Septemper 11, to which this Representative had also given his assent — at the time.

So it is unlikely that the average American Citizen is going to take particularly kindly to an endless war of attrition on the US and its red-blooded sons, a war of open-ended and indeterminate length and which "might not end in our lifetimes" as Donald Rumsfeld put it, and of equally indeterminate cost to the US taxpayer of "untold billions of dollars" yet to come, as George W. Bush phrased it, and especially not when hundreds, perhaps thousands, of body-bags come hurrying home, all draped in the same colours now mandatory in your front garden if you don't want to be picked up as suspicious by Homeland Security?

Now say that there would be NO conventional war on Iraq, but a full-blast nuclear attack? Then all US troops would have to do would be to walk in and mop up both or all three countries? Surely no taxpayer is going to complain about a "humanitarian" rescue and relief operation after the enemy has been eliminated?

Now, Congress and the Senate would certainly oppose a nuclear war on those countries now at this time, especially without adequate provocation; certainly there would be SOME public disquiet in it all, UNLESS the elected Representatives were held incommunicado, or de-facto so, perhaps their communications from some safe retreat broken by a "greater national emergency", and the de-facto Government run by:

BUT what IF ... "In Retaliation" for some "Nuclear Attack" on the USA? — perhaps an attack that was "Proven" to be BOTH from Iraq AND from Iran, and likely with delivery sytems "Proven" to only possibly have come from North Korea — the pre-defined "Axis of Evil" by George W. Bush?

A nuclear attack on the USA would raise public anger to the point where any nuking, even of all sixty or so countries already named by the US Administration which require the cleaning-out of their "terrorist" inhabitants, would be accepted without demur nor bad conscience by the US public — especially if such a heinous attack were to wipe out the US elected government itself and only one brave soul were left pushing the buttons of Hell way ahead of his natural time, Our Hero, Good Ole Dubya himself?

In the case of a simple incommunicado-holding of Representatives, for the public, it would of course be nice to know that your favourite Representative is hiding safely in some luxury out-of-the-way place, wouldn't it? So maybe you tell them way in advance that you have just such a spot already in mind?

That there would be any strategic value in the information of its exact geographical location being published, would also be a moot point, because NO country would/could likely target a nuclear missile directly there ... UNLESS there were another September 11 "attack" and an unfortunate direct-hit on that slumbrous facility, in which case the Shadow Government would be in full control now, wouldn't it? The public now knows where their Senators and Congresspersons went, and the "fact" that the "Axis of Evil" just "happened" to score a "direct hit" on that place would suit the Bush Administration down to the ground. But, worse than this, such a deed would be the further logical step in this game-ploy used so successfully by Adolf Hitler in eliminating any remaining opposition to him, in the Night of the Long Knives.

To get both Houses to evacuate Washington DC and to flee to some retreat willingly, there would have to be adequate cause, perhaps a small nuke quite near DC, then their voluntary evacuation, callup of reserves, declaration of martial law, state of national emergency, roundup of certain individuals, patriotic Bush speech denouncing both Iraq and Iran and a quick "retaliatory" strike decimating both countries, and maybe even North Korea "For supplying the delivery systems"?

That would kill many birds with one stone; also a fortuitous nuke on the Greenbrier or other facility would allow events to move at an unprecedented pace unimaginable just at this moment by anyone.

The scenario of would become past and accepted history within days.

IF the Greenbrier becomes a CURRENT theme, then look for an "Attack" near DC soon.

OK, this is paranoid, but maybe, just maybe, by anticipating events as unfolding on some recognisable pattern, we can save at least some lives, if not many, and that is always worth the risk of being called a kook, especially if that kook remembers some history which most others today have unfortunately forgotten.

— George

"Without a doubt, a very real threat of another perhaps more devastating attack still exists." — Vice-President Dick Cheney, speaking in New York, 2002-05-16

"I think that the prospects of a future [terrorist] attack on the U.S. are almost a certainty." — Vice-President Dick Cheney, speaking on Fox News, 2002-05-19

How does he know? Is he aware of plans for another "terrorist" attack? Maybe around August? In time to declare a state of national emergency, suspend normal government, suppress calls for the impeachment of the President (and himself) and cancel the November congressional elections?

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