W A K E   U P   C A L L ! ! !
from George Paxinos, 2002-10-03

Bush with his hissss-s-ssingly ssslurred sssyllables made me painfully aware that perhaps the repto shapeshifter idea, which I had originally had great difficulty in swallowing — although pretty credible accounts existed in South Africa, my old homeland, of were-lions and were-hyenas — may just have some basis in fact. Now I am not promoting anything, but the strange fact that always bugged me was that in Zulu — which I spoke as a child — the name for Snake was "Nyoga", and the name of reptile-people "Nagas" which legend has live under the Tibetan mountains sounds very similar ... and so far away geographically from Zululand ... and then someone last night sent me this story from Credo Mutwa:


in which he speaks of ancient Zulu histories in which an alien, fallen race set about destroying the peace-loving natures of human beings and their peaceful environmental habitat in which and with which humans co-existed in harmony, and deliberately creating strife and wars, because those parasitic beings lived off human emotional energies liberated in our times of stress.

Somehow the entire scheme of politically-designed mass-killing for itself, in itself and of itself, such as can be so clearly observed now in Bush's and Blair's flat refusals to WANT further weapons-inspections in Iraq, to WANT WAR, in and of itself (!) is surely totally inhuman and foreign to any and all empathic and rational beings? It only seems to make some kind of objective sense if someone profits from it all: and what do wars and killings produce, apart from some profits for the very few, excepting pain, fear and worry — in short, the tremendous outpouring of human, animal and vegetable emotional energies?

It sounds all very much like the old S-F story by Eric Frank Russel, "Sinister Barrier", about energy-entities invisible to the human optical spectrum, except for someone using a special dye to pigment their optical perception, which had invaded the minds of certain select intellectuals and politicians for the purpose of justifying and thus promoting, against all normal human conscience and inclination, wars and general strife for the pure sake of the suffering caused, as those beings lived off the emotional energies set free by human fear and pain.

Russel seems to either willfully or intuitively touch on the work of Wilhelm Reich and Trevor James Constable — see his books "Sky Creatures" and "The Cosmic Pulse of Life" — who, following in Reich's footsteps, used opaque (!) Wratten filters to photograph "Sky Critters" or plasmatic energy lifeforms apparently living off orgone emanations from sexual or other emotional energy-outputs.

Now I have noticed that a lot of writers of every genre seem to pick up on information way ahead of time, being somehow tuned in to the universal subquantum matrix where time seems not to play a role at all: just look at the book "The Wreck of the Titan" a novella, published long before the Titanic was built and went down (text in full here):


about the "Titan", largest luxury liner ever built, and its tragic end, on its maiden voyage (!) against an iceberg in the North Atlantic.

But, most striking of all, apart from the names and circumstances of sinking of the two ships, were also the similarities of the fictional and actual ships' dimensions: for a comparison of the novel's dimensions of the ship Titan and the actual Titanic's specifications, see here:


So one should in no way discredit science fiction and other imaginative work as a valid pointer to the unseen or the unexplored; because certainly, from quantum physics, we know of the role of the observer as an integral part of the entire phenomenon itself, so where there is an even fictional observer within our integral universal framework of observation and extrapolation, more particularly "of being" as an indivisible set, we should expect and not be surprised by these links, futuristic or contemporary, much as hypnotic regression or relaxational meditation can put us in touch with other times and other places: it is simply a matter of filtering out our immediate perceptional input to the benefit of accessing universal feedback from a source independent of spacetime.

Credo Mutwa's Zulu stories, their actual history, handed down by word-of-mouth through countless generations, of the shapeshifter people living off human emotional energies, seem in this context to be very pertinent today, and, indeed, watching the cold-blooded lies of a Bush or a Blair, and their rationalisations of them to a public not interested in the least in premeditated mass-murder, one starts to question whether or not the actual fact of the matter is, we are dealing with people of a very different,very inhuman attitude, if not decidedly a non-human kind, and with their own inhuman agenda bent on creating not only wealth for themselves but actual designer-suffering for maximally optimised human trauma, with neither any feeling for our planetary biosphere nor for our own nor any other species.

Are we not perhaps looking at politicians who may actually be those reptos of myth, saga and urban mythology, simply felt in the bones of ordinary observers to "be" there?

I am sure that the "feeling in the bones" would never be discredited as a valid supposition to this thesis by any advanced physicist and cosmologist such as David Bohm if one reads his works such as "Wholeness and the Implicate Order" — there are just too many links to those "feelings" and "hunches" in the real world to be disregarded as nonesense?

Whatever the case may be, the many stories, in folklore, and, more especially, contemporary, about reptos being in charge in high places, must unfortunately be taken seriously, because when we hear someone like former US Foreign Secretary Madeleine Albright


who, when asked about whether the deaths of half-a-million Iraqi children was worth it, and, after a moment's consideration she had the unutterable callousness to reply: "It's a hard choice, but I think, we, think, it's worth it" — then, ladies and gentlemen, it is time we took the reins of our planet and our lives back as human beings who wish but peace for ourselves, our children and our planet, most especially wishing a planet full of greenery, biodiversity and technological progress which is used used by us to clean up our environment, and for the beautification of our world, not by any military interests, and to be in charge of our OWN destiny, thank you, ma'am!

We neither wish to perish as a species in a radioactive world or in a world polluted beyond redemption by Big Oil's fossil-fuel cartels, nor yet freeze along with all other species in a nuclear winter resulting from the Third World War, nor mutate slowly and die afflicted by tumours and birth deformities as so many children in Iraq, the former Yugoslavia and Afghanistan are right now by the New World Order's pollution of the environment with penetrator shells using so-called "Depleted Uranium" — a sick euphemism for simple U-238, as you cannot "deplete" a chemical element.

Most especially, we do not wish to be subjugated to a regime that makes an "Unending War on Terror" which will "likely have no end within our own lifetimes" — paraphrasing US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld — the prospect for uncountable generations yet to come, and all for the enrichment of cartels of unscrupulous Big Oil and Big Business, which has already proven its ability to trash at least one country's economy, namely, that of the United States of America, in which it has proved itself to be an effective cancer killing off its own host, more especially, negating both the rights and livelihoods, the Medicare and Pension benefits, of its own people, the people of which it, itself, was born, and all for the Benefit Of the Few, By the Few, For the Few, the family and cronies of George W. Bush.

You do not have to believe me alone; go to


and read the series about the Bush Crime Family,


the first part of a seven-part series on the subject, with dates and documentation.

If this New World Order has such few scruples, has largely abrogated democratic rights within its own country without demur by a people traumatised by the staged events of September 11, 2001, which were apparently aided and abetted by persons in power in the US Administration itself, then it will have no mercy for the rest of the world, as can already be seen by its rejection of the Kyoto Protocol on Climate Change, which affects not only each and every one of us and all future generations to come, but the very fate our entire Planet, its Ecology, its Biosphere, yea, the very structure of Life on this fragile globe in space, Earth, itself.

WHY should Bush presume to hypocritically accuse other countries of nuclear blackmail, when HE himself is saying: Even if weapons inspectors want to return to Iraq, WE will not LET them — WE WANT WAR! — and THEN, THREATEN to USE NUCLEAR WEAPONS IF IRAQ — or any OTHER country, for that matter — RESISTS American aspirations?

Friends, if THAT is not the ultimate terrorist, George W. Bush, WHO IS?

FIGHT the very IDEA that these perpetrators of Crimes Against Humanity and the Environment should demand blanket freedom from prosecution by the International War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague, stand up for your rights, organise protests, and fight the very structure of the New World Order — which is but the New World Tyranny itself.

At this moment, in the United States, both Congress and the US Senate seem willing to grant George W. Bush the freedom to launch what may become the greatest Crime Against Humanity and our Environment in all recorded history.

Bush has so far pursued very exact parallels to his predecessor, Adolf Hitler, in his assumption and abuse of power. He has even openly admitted to having SEEN LIVE the FIRST Tower Strike, apparently on his private satellite connection from his limousine outside the Florida schoolhouse when it happened.

And yet, no-one has ever taken him to task for this, nobody wants to look the facts in the face — that their President was party to, if not instigator of, his own excuse to wage war on the world.

Hardly surprising though, as it IS a War For Oil, and mainly he and his cohorts will profit from it, as they have profited from ENRON and other corporate cancers which have hollowed out the substance of what once used to be called "The Land of the Free", the USA.

For a transcript of what Bush in his idiocy let slip, see:


For more details of what likely happened on Sept. 11 in New York, see:


For details of the FAKED strike on the Pentagon (whatever happened to the passengers of the rerouted planes — are they still alive somewhere, or were they simply "collateral damage"?) see:


Now Bush seems about to gain the blessings of both irresponsible Houses for an absolutely free hand to the immediate start of the New World Order's War On The World.

That he will do it, is a fact; he appears to be even more insanely obsessed with power than Adolf Hitler was. The German Minister of Justice was right, too bad she had to go, to satisfy the wetpants politicians' desires to appease Madman George W. Bush. Excuses are being sought to start his madman's war, excuses paralleled, once again, exactly in Adolf Hitler's unlamented footsteps:


and in German:


Here is a site not unaware of the historic precedent of both the Reichstagsbrand (Reichstag Fire 1933), in which Hermann Goering ordered the fire laid to burn down the German Parliament Building, so that Hitler could blame it on Commuinists, Jews and other dissidents and immediately declare a State of Emergency the very next day, a state which lasted even through the so-called peace years 1933-1939 right up until the downfall of the Nazi Regime at the end of World War II in 1945, and the replay of that event in 2001 in the events of September 11, which also allowed the unprecedented abrogation of Constitutional and Human Rights which Bush has managed to achieve since then:





Not everyone is unaware of their history, however, and the protest-march interview of the BBC World Service with London Mayor Ken Livingstone (link below)) was an eye-opener: there ARE people in high places, willing to say it out loud and clear for all the world to hear.


If you are against war, pass this on, please! — and try and get protests going, before it is too late for us all, and for our environment as well!


  —  George Paxinos

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