We Have Some Holes in the Plane Stories
By Morgan Reynolds, PhD

This is the Conclusion from Dr Morgan Reynolds article We Have Some Holes in the Plane Stories. That article constitutes Part II of his reply to Jim Hoffman. Dr Reynolds's original article is here, Hoffman's critique is here, and Part I of Dr Reynolds's reply is here.

Dr Morgan Reynolds is professor emeritus at Texas A&M University and former director of the Criminal Justice Center at the National Center for Policy Analysis headquartered in Dallas, TX. He served as chief economist for the US Department of Labor during 20012002, George W. Bush's first term.

On 9/11 we had four astonishing, unverified and uninvestigated crashes. The airlines refuse to look at evidence that their planes did not crash as advertised. Wreckage at the four sites was virtually nonexistent and no parts were verified by serial number despite this routine ID method in aircraft accident investigations. Government claims two Boeing 767s disappeared into the twin towers within a 16.5-minute interval, that a Boeing 757 disappeared in the Pentagon, and another 757 crashed in rural Pennsylvania. All vanished through undersized holes. Credulous Americans believed George W. Bush and marched off to war. “What fools these mortals be,” Shakespeare wrote.

At WTC two Boeing 767s allegedly sliced into dense steel walls, steel-concrete floors and a dense steel core without a sound or deceleration and shredded themselves into nothing with virtually all the “crumbs” retained within the skyscrapers. Despite 767s three-fourths as long and wide as each tower side, both of the planes disappeared without breaking off a tail section, fuselage or wing tips upon impact.

These are physically impossible crashes. Airplanes do not exhibit completely different physical behaviors within .05 seconds at a given place. They cannot be invincible and then shatter and crumble without slowing down.

Mr. Hoffman’s critique of my June 9 article in my interested opinion does virtually no damage to my original analysis of the crashes and demolitions. The virtue of his critique is that it pushed me to think more deeply about the crashes. If the government wanted to prove that specific hi-jacked airliners crashed as advertised, it could show the time-change parts that uniquely identify each aircraft. Government could show the NSA and/or commercial satellite photos of the airliners going about their deadly business that morning. It could show Pentagon videos it is hiding, the flight data recorders, the cockpit voice recorders, and so much more. There is zero chance, of course, of the mass murderers doing anything of the sort because fabricating all this evidence is too risky. There are too many sharp analysts on the internet waiting to pounce.

The WTC demolitions are proven and the official 9/11 airliner tales are proven hogwash. This article, the beneficiary of work by many other investigators, proves it. I await the replies of Hoffman and other apologists to reestablish the official albeit impossible airliner stories. I expect little more than obfuscation. What really happened? I do not know. What is clear is that the government is lying about the four reported Big Boeing crashes.

We might never figure out exactly what happened with these crashes/explosions although every month we advance our knowledge and perhaps one day the mainstream media, Congress or a public prosecutor, seized by a sense of responsibility, will tap this growing body of research, thereby igniting probes that lead to justice. Failing that, 9/11 researchers have already convicted the perpetrators before the bar of history. Disgraced, the murderers will not get away with the crime of the century. Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld live in infamy.

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