Bush Must Go!
by Edgar J. Steele
June 16, 2005

I wrote this column well over two years ago and released it on March 18, 2003. In rereading it, I am struck by how on the money it was. In fact, I could have written it today. The only updating required is for a couple of things which I actually understated at the time. I will update them separately below, in italics, but am resisting the temptation to edit even one word of this piece. It made sense then — it makes even more sense now. And this message is important. When I sent it around back in 2003, I received a good deal of grief from my list for it. I'm betting I won't get a single negative this time ...

What the neocon logic comes down to is this. The U.S. has a moral responsibility to run the world. But the citizens are too stupid to understand this. That's why we can't use democratic institutions like Congress in this ambition. We must use the executive power of the presidency. It must have total control over foreign affairs, and never bow to Congressional carping.
— Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Down With the Presidency! (1996)

Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason?
Why if it prosper, none dare call it treason.

— Sir John Harrington, Of Treason — Epigrams (bk. IV, ep. V)

Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep,
And in his simple show he harbors treason.

— William Shakespeare, King Henry the Sixth, Part II (Suffolk at III, i)

There you have it, in but three disparate quotations. Bush, the apparent simpleton now astride the most awesome military machine ever assembled, must go. He and his coterie of black hearted cohorts, traitors all.

If there is a hell, as Bush the Second claims to believe, in his born-again fundamentalist naivete, then there is a special place reserved there just for those who do monumental evil, professedly in the name of good. And there is a special place within that particularly odious place, reserved just for George W. Bush. I suspect that a surprising number of big-name fundamentalist preachers will provide him company, for reasons similar to those which lead us to shoot traitors while we release prisoners of war at the end of a conflict.

History, which will not be written by George W. Bush or his successors (if any there be), will host a pantheon of world-class villains. Along with those already enshrined therein — Attila, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, among others — will be the name of George W. Bush, I predict. Saddam Hussein? Osama bin Laden? Pikers, by comparison, to be relegated to side corridors.

History will show George W. Bush and his handlers to be among the most monumental of traitors, due to the scope of the disaster that they are in the process of authoring.

Somehow, I wish that I could find the words to tell you exactly how I feel about the evil exuding from Washington, DC these days. Until then, the foregoing understatements simply will have to do.

Strong stuff, I know. But, bear with me as I offer the reasons underlying my sentiments.

And I'm a conservative. Considered by many to be a Christian. Imagine how the heathen liberals, leftists and their fellow travelers must feel.

And, no, Rush, it isn't simply the leftover hippies from the sixties that have been mobbing the streets of the world lately. There are a goodly number of genuine conservatives, especially those of us who have figured out that neoconservatives are anything but conservative and are merely yesterday's communists and fascists, recycled. And a larger number of independents, just folks from all walks of life.

Bush must go.


Before he gets us all killed. Before he and his minions destroy more of us. Before he draws us further into his web of damnation.

Before he makes the outright physical destruction of America inevitable. Mark my words well: The laying waste of Iraq, already a collection of third-world rubble, will be the symbolic Rubicon that this modern-day Napoleon will cross, and from which there will be no return. The clock is ticking. We have but hours to retrieve America's dignity.

Bush must go. Now.

There are as many reasons to remove Bush from power now as there are names for the devil:

Afghanistan, which we bombed back into a stone-age existence, killing far more civilians than met their deaths in the World Trade Center, yet failing to nail the single individual Bush claimed we were after. And now, Osama bin Laden has become irrelevant, it seems.

Iraq, which we have bombed unceasingly since Bush the First completed his genocidal campaign, a campaign which sickened America so much at the end (remember the "Highway of Death?") that he stopped short of leveling Baghdad.

For the first time in the history of America, we are embarked upon a war of pure aggression, without even the pretense of defense of ourselves or others. This is a watershed event of the magnitude that must have been experienced by Jack the Ripper as he took down his first victim.

Attacking Iraq is akin to kicking the dog when your wife yells at you. On some level it may feel good, but there is no level upon which it is not reprehensible conduct.

9-11, which never could have happened without extensive government complicity. Due to the heavily-monitored nature of the NY-Washington air corridor, not more than a single plane should have found its mark. Yeah, right — a handful of scruffy Arabs piloted Boeing jets through air-circus acrobatics to a letter-perfect conclusion, despite having had only slight schooling in, of all things, single-engine Cessnas. And another jet shrank down and slipped through a missile-sized hole in the side of the Pentagon, leaving literally no debris or bodies behind. And another jet was flown into the ground through passenger heroics, though it mysteriously left debris scattered over a 15-mile trail, as would have happened if it were shot down by the US jet seen in the vicinity. And it is just coincidence that the transponders on all four airliners went off at exactly the same time. And it is just coincidence that the 8 black box flight recorders (2 per plane) were all destroyed. Of course, we only know who was responsible because of all those cell phone calls, none of which were received by anybody other than government functionaries. Never mind that tests have shown that cell calls are impossible in jets moving at the speed of those involved in 9-11, because the cell towers are unable to accommodate the necessary rate of transfer. And never mind that virtually all those nasty Arabs identified almost immediately (though they allegedly used false ID to board the planes) have been found alive in various parts of the world since then. And never mind that the only beneficiaries of 9-11 were the rogue state of Israel and the rogue government of America. This happened on Bush's watch. He knew beforehand or he knows now, exactly how it went down and who was responsible. Either way, now it is on his neck.

Enron, the executives of which were major campaign contributors to Bush, all of whom continue to receive a pass on their criminal conduct in defrauding investors and employees alike. California is only the most visible entity teetering on the edge of bankruptcy due to the illegal energy market manipulations of Enron.

Halliburton, which Dick Cheney headed before coming aboard as the Vice President, and which supplied Iraq, among a great many other American companies, and which also was picking the pockets of its investors and employees, Enron-like. Nor should it go unmentioned that Halliburton is one of the contractors in line to rebuild Iraq with even more American money.

Florida, where the American popular vote was made irrelevant, so that Bush might assume power.

Viet Nam, which never saw Bush's face, since he was busy using daddy's influence to dodge the draft while good men were butchered at the behest of, among others, those in power today. Want a taste of the arrogance of these people from that time? Listen to Henry Kissinger: "Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy." — Henry A. Kissinger, quoted by Monika Jensen-Stevenson, Kiss the Boys Goodbye, Dutton, 1990, p.97, citing The Final Days, Woodward and Bernstein (Simon & Schuster, 1976). From "What Happened to Harley Hall?" by Barrett Tillman: http://www.tailhook.org/HallSu99.htm .

Kissinger, you may recall, was Bush's first choice to apply the coat of whitewash to 9-11. Only our outcry from the Internet blocked that appointment, for all the good it did.

Kissinger's contemporaries are now sending America's sons and daughters into harm's way in the Middle East. Their outlook about our children, the "dumb, stupid animals," has not changed.

Of course, at the time, Bush had an excuse. He was an alcoholic cokehead, substance abuse dependencies which were to follow him well into his adult life.

NAFTA, which has been allowed to continue to erode America's manufacturing and industrial job base, such that the resulting job displacements have left millions of Americans unemployed or underemployed.

Meanwhile, there is afoot a massive campaign to jail political dissidents throughout America, already the world's foremost jailer of its own population, with deportation of those who speak up and weren't natural born.

And, speaking of underemployment, Bush's refusal to enforce any sort of immigration policy that might work has led to a flood of third-worlders coming across the southern border, taking the lower-end jobs that we would otherwise take, even though we might be overqualified.

There is a health-care crisis that is leaving the American middle class impoverished or without coverage. The average policy now costs a family $7,500 per year. My own family's policy is now at $15,000 per year and that is with $500 deductibles and 50% copays. We can't change, though, because I contracted cancer (now cured at a cost approximately equal to our annual copay/deductible amounts) a few years ago. Many Americans are in this boat with me. Meanwhile, the illegal immigrants get free health care; some even get multiple heart/lung transplants denied to American citizens with insurance coverage. Bush, you may recall, wanted to grant blanket amnesty to all the illegals a year or so ago, but was shouted down, largely by those of us on the Internet.

Massive, record-setting deficits, at home and abroad, which will have to be paid by our children, who will have neither the jobs to earn the money nor the skills to land such jobs, even if they exist then, which they won't. Meanwhile, the government "Plunge Protection Team" (PPT) continues in full force, having in the past week expended Herculean sums to prop up the general stock market and suppress the price of gold, so as to demonstrate America's financial strength as we march into Baghdad. Yes, Clinton set up the PPT, but Bush has allowed it to continue to rig the American financial markets, so it is on his neck.

Just one month ago, the administration spoke of the Iraqi war consuming $20 billion. Yesterday, the talk was in the range of $80 to $100 billion. Given that there are 290 million Americans and about 90 million households, that is upwards of $1,111 that your household is going to have to cough up for this war. Of course, many households (think illegal immigrants again) pay no taxes, so your share will be even more than that.

Update commentary: To date, the war has cost us nearly $200 billion. The Congressional Budget Office now estimates the total war cost at $600 billion total by 2010. Most thoughtful people with economics training think it closer to a half trillion dollars already, with a full $1 trillion not that far away, especially when opportunity costs, such as what oil might otherwise be costing us, are added in. Your household's share? $11,000 ... plus the life of your son, of course. The cost in human life is incalculable. The Bush Administration admits to about 1,500 deaths, while the "official" figure, which includes those who died in other countries of wounds received in Iraq, is about 6,000. Bush, you see, refuses to count those who get medevac'ed to Germany, for example — those who are most seriously injured and most likely to die of wounds. According to Bush, they are not war casualties. This sort of logic is kind of like Clinton's claim not to have had sex with "that woman" and discussion under oath of the meaning of the word "is."

Travel and airline industries that are in a shambles, because Americans no longer dare set foot outside their own country and refuse to be humiliated by the airport storm troopers at home. Because of what Arabs are going to do to us? Maybe, but the real reason is because of what we are doing to the Arabs. Not in our lifetimes will it again be safe for Americans to travel abroad.

John Ashcroft, the Prince of Darkness himself, who has embarked upon a campaign of domestic tyranny that even Goebbels would never have dared attempt.

Thomas Ridge, head of Homeland Security. Homeland Security, the new Gestapo. You remember Tom, who was defeated in an election contest with a dead man.

Update commentary: Both Ashcroft and Ridge now have been replaced with people even worse, though that was impossible to imagine back in 2003. Homeland Security now is headed by Michael Chertoff, a radical Zionist Jew responsible for trumped-up prosecutions of many American patriots. Our new Attorney General is a mestizo who thinks torture is a good idea and enforcing immigration laws a bad idea.

Patriot Acts I and II, the enabling legislation for the Fourth Reich, now fully implemented throughout America.

Israel, for whom we are sacrificing so much. I'm put in mind of the line from Stephen King's "The Stand," wherein "Trashcan Man" repeatedly pledged his soul to the devil with the words, "My life for you!" "Trash," as he was known to his intimates, was Lucifer's left-hand man, a congenital arsonist, who ultimately proved to be the undoing of Satan's evil undertaking with — guess what? — a nuclear missile. Israel could take a lesson from "The Stand," but it won't because it takes lessons from nobody.

I, in particular, previously have dared to point out the ways in which Zionists today control America and how our impending misadventures in the Middle East are for the glory of greater Israel. I'll not embellish that connection in this writing other than to point out that Bush threw down his 48-hour ultimatum at sundown on March 17, the moment of the start of Purim, the Jewish holiday that celebrates a historical Jewish victory over an adversary — a victory gained by tricking a Gentile king into destroying all of the Jews' enemies (read the Old Testament's book of Esther if you don't believe this). Do you believe in coincidence? I don't. Oh, yes, and Baghdad I ended at the start of Purim in 1991. More coincidence, I suppose. Jews simply love this sort of "in your face" symbolic mockery. And don't forget that virtually all Jewish "holidays" celebrate the deaths of gentiles at the hands of Jews, Chanukah being no exception.

Bush is but a puppet for Israel. Even Israel openly acknowledges this fact.

Finally, Bush's fundamentalist religious beliefs are suspect. "The war party," about which we hear so much since it is the primary moving force behind our war of Middle East conquest, is composed of two factions: (1) Neoconservatives, largely Jewish and firmly in control of American media and government; and (2) fundamentalists, who believe that these latter-day pretenders to the Biblical mantle of Judaism really are the "Chosen," and for whom the sooner we get Armageddon under way, the happier they will be because they will be that much closer to their particular vision of heaven. Kind of like the Muslims who martyr themselves in pursuit of all those virgins. Of the two, I find the fundamentalists scarier, by far, because they possess nuclear weapons. Bush is one of them. Ashcroft is even worse in this regard.

Bush must go. Now.

For once, our House of Representatives must stand and be counted. They must immediately draft articles of impeachment. The Senate must, for the first time in modern times, do the right thing and convict Bush on those articles. This must be done NOW. There are plenty of reasons, good and sufficient, meeting the test of the Constitutional mandate of "high crimes." I have recounted merely a few of them today.

New America. An idea whose time has come.


Copyright 2005 Edgar J. Steele

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Edgar J. Steele, noted civil-rights attorney, is the author of Defensive Racism - An Unapologetic Examination of Racial Differences. This article originally appeared on his website at http://www.conspiracypenpal.com/.

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