Winning an Oilfield, Losing the World
Superpower Crimes & the Failure of Nationalism
BZB (WNN) 2003-11-01

What if, as in a B-grade horror movie, everything and everyone around you had been replaced by alien facsimiles which appear on the surface as normal, carrying on business as usual, while within the inner sanctum of the nation lurks a sinister and murderous plot to control the world and infect everyone with an evil virus?

This is how many long-time activists in America are seeing their situation, surrounded by an onslaught of neofascism fueled by ignorance and hate, led by a thoroughly corrupted cabal of corporate criminals toward a toxic and infected future. Thanks in large part to the B-grade media managers who have seized the reigns of reporting with the help of the CIA, we are inundated with self-congratulatory popularity polls and advertisements for war machinery, while unprecedented scandals go unmentioned and uninvestigated.

It's as if our entire colonial experiment, known as "America" had been bought at an auction without our consent, as slaves were sold not so long ago. Unfortunately, the highest bidders happened to be the multinational arms manufacturers, oil companies, and drug pushers. Now, with the protection of the CIA, the NSA, the DIA, FBI, DEA, ATF, etc. and their neofascist "Homeland Security" Department which bundles them together, these extremely wealthy elitists feel they can get away with anything, kill as many people as they like and have their media paint it as heroism, take away an entire nation and replace it with profitable industrial dictatorship and call this "democracy." It would all be laughable if it weren't so deadly.

I'm often asked why I left politics and went to Halliburton and I explain that I reached the point where I was mean-spirited, short-tempered and intolerant of those who disagreed with me and they said 'Hell, you'd make a great CEO', so I went to Texas and joined the private sector. — Dick Cheney, before The Institute of Petroleum in the U.K., 1999

Where is the outrage over the Enron money-laundering scandal? Where are the exposes of Halliburton and Dick Cheney's profits of millions of dollars from his office? Speaking of Cheney, where's he been hiding out lately?

At the evil heart of the alien takeover like a cancer lies the tendrils of the 9-11 attacks, and anyone with an internet connection knows there is massive evidence that the CIA and the Bush regime had prior knowledge, that elements of the U.S. military colluded in the attacks, and that the leaders of the hijackings were U.S.-trained CIA operatives, as was Osama Bin Laden. Then you have the Rumsfeld-Reaganites' obsession and intimate relations with Saddam Hussein, arming him and grooming him.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury, this is only scratching the surface of the Bush regime's scandals, and the corruption of our military system of government. We haven't even addressed the bioweapons, pharmaceutical profiteering, the anthrax, the suppression of new energy technologies, and of course, the alien space war. Any one of these incredibly wicked scandals should be enough to run these Republicans out of town on a rail, yet we see the media continue to laud them with popularity polls and heroic sound bites rather than investigations. We see the population kept ignorant and overwhelmed while being fleeced and fattened, supporting our glorious troops as they drop more megaton bombs on impoverished nations.

How has America come to this opposite end of the evolution of the European state, to become a neofascist miltary dictatorship? After all, the founding fathers did everything in their power to prevent the President from having control over the War Department. Now we have a Presidency with unlimited capability to launch both overt and covert wars around the world, thanks to the CIA. Congress appears only peripherally involved in the Bush wars. And what about the deployment of the military against the nation's own citizens? Isn't this a violation of the U. S. Constitution which these politicians are sworn to uphold? And the Bill of Rights ... no longer exists.

America has a great tradition of saying one thing while doing another, of going about business as usual while poor people die, of looking the other way and changing the subject. Think about the phrase "all men are created equal," for example — one of the founding principles of the nation. At the time it was written, apparently it wasn't clear whether Africans were actually human. And the Indians ... of course the savages were akin to animals. Here you find the beginning growth of the corruption, a nation built on the blood and enslaved sweat of "inferior" people. Genocide was necessary for America's vast territorial expansion, and in ever-more sinister ways, it has never stopped. The Iraqis and Afghanis are the new Indians you see, our great white leaders know what is best for them, and we will enforce their future at the point of a gun. That is, after we kill off all the "bad ones."

It is a really bad B-grade western mutated into a wicked science fiction horrorshow. America has never fully come to terms with the genocide and slavery upon which this economy rests. I know this because I live in the occupied nation of Hawai'i and I see the military bombing and intimidating the Native Hawaiians even today, desecrating their most sacred places, dumping addictive drugs into their neighborhoods, keeping Kanaka Maoli impoverished, disempowered and imprisoned in their own rich land. It's happening everywhere around the world, while the McPeople of America look the other way, cheering for the next round of bombing.

War has become the end game of the nationalist experiment known as "America." In his own idiotic way, George Bush Jr. is the perfect representative for this terminal stage of the colonial expansion, defended by the flustered but eloquent Tony Blair. The major problem for the Bush-Blair war front is that the world knows more about America than America knows about itself! You see, they've been watching and analyzing our psychology, our TV, our movies, our media, our propaganda. American dissidents like Noam Chomsky may not have a voice in the United States, but they are widely read in France and India. More Russians know who Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu Jamal are than Americans do. And those 75% approval ratings, which coincide exactly with the percentage of white people in America — are carried out by the same corporate interests which divert the population's attention away from the Bush regime's war crimes and corporate scandals. No surprise there. It's like asking the passengers on a jetliner whether they'd like another round of drinks, without telling them it's been hijacked by heavily armed extremists. In fact, exactly like that.

The biggest part of reporting the truth is the news agenda itself. What we choose to put on the air, what we think is a page one story, what our priorities are. I would not be fooled by the old myth that reporting is about objectivity. Deciding what is news is the most subjective of acts and it is probably the most important thing that we do. — Carl Bernstein

The time to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, has come, ladies and gentlemen. Oil is an obsolete fuel, the Bush family are criminals who belong in prison, Republicans are supported in large part by white supremacists, fascists, and corporate criminals, and the war on terror is a supreme contradiction, since the agencies carrying it out are the exact ones who created the terror in the first place. The CIA must be held accountable before war crimes tribunals and constitutional Congressional hearings. Vast secret militaries do not democracies make.

Oh yes ... and the alien-American invasion. Support the Disclosure Project: . It's all there for the world to witness, testimony and evidence that will hold up in the courts of the world. The U.S. secret military space war, the massive underground bases, the chemtrails, energy weapons, energy technologies which make most industrial engines obsolete.

Pull out a dollar bill. Take a look at the All-seeing Eye capstone and the dead white President. There is where the virus enters your brain, and why Bush's world war will continue. It's all about money, ain't a damn thing funny ...

Stop the mad cowboy disease! Impeach Bush!

The C.I.A. poses the ultimate threat to democracy, and should be dismantled for the good of the United States and the world. — U.S. Marine Colonel & C.I.A. Commander John Stockwell, 1988

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