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This website censored at Wikipedia As is by now well-known, Wikipedia presents itself as an online encyclopedia to which anyone can contribute, and whose entries anyone can edit. The idea is that people who are experts in their field will contribute articles, suitably augmented by others who are equally knowledgeable. This is a nice idea but in practice Wikipedia is unreliable, because anyone can edit articles, and in many cases the main aim of those editing articles is not to present the truth but rather a biassed interpretation. Wikipedia has no effective defense against this (especially since its privileged editors are among the worst offenders) and is thus unreliable.

This flaw in Wikipedia manifests itself most often in articles dealing with history or contemporary events, in particular those relating to World War II and its aftermath, and to the events of September 11, 2001, and their consequences. There are people who are determined that certain facts should not receive publicity, and whenever an "unapproved" fact appears on Wikipedia some editor will come along and remove it. In fact there seem to be teams of such trolls, perhaps paid to do their work of censorship and their presentation of particular interpretations of history which their masters want to be the public "truth". Although this falsification occurs mainly in connection with historical articles, there is no guarantee that it does not occur in non-historical articles also, such as those dealing with medicine, psychiatry, pharmacy and environmentalism (e.g., the ban on criticism of the poster-child Rachel Carson). Because of this lack of defense against censorship and misrepresentation by determined bands of trolls, Wikipedia cannot (and should not) be trusted. Anyone citing Wikipedia as an 'authority' simply reveals their own ignorance and naïvity.

Actually Wikipedia was never intended to be an 'objective' and 'neutral' encyclopeda — its purpose has always been to "control the narrative", which (so far) it has been quite successful at, with a lot of help from Google (which usually displays an extract from Wikipedia at the top of any search results page). But its credibility is fading, as more and more people come to understand that it is replete with misinformation and propaganda. Although it is a parody of an encyclopedia (and an evil one) it hopes you won't notice.

Here's an example of censorship at Wikipedia:

A well-placed British source informed WMR that Rahm Emanuel's father, Benjamin Emanuel, specialized in the terrorist bombings of buses carrying British troops and policemen during the British Mandate in Palestine. ... Wikipedia deleted Benjamin Emanuel's entry in 2008, shortly after Rahm Emanuel was designated as President Obama's chief of staff. Wikipedia is a favorite device for the perception management goals of Dr. Cass Sunstein, Obama's director of the White House Office of Regulatory Affairs. — Wayne Madsen, Rahm Emanuel's father specialized in bus bombings in Palestine

Here are articles by three eminent authors, knowledgeable in their fields, whose attempts to publish the facts on Wikipedia have been thwarted by the trolls:

A person attempting to contribute to Wikipedia (using the name "Posturewiter") concerning Da Costa's syndrome sent the following message to this editor:

I spent twelve months in Wikipedia and came to the conclusion that it is probably a reliable source of information about boring, routine, non-controversial topics. However, there are some existing editors who know all of the policies and use trickery to ensure that the only point of view that gets presented is their own, and anything else is deleted and the new contributors who put it there will be banned. The result is that the readers only see what is presented, and not what is deliberately missing, but they will get the false impression that they are seeing everything. I have reviewed the methods used by two of the editors here:

There was once an article on Wikipedia entitled "New York Times controversies". On July 4, 2010, the page was suddenly deleted. The next day the page was restored, but without the article itself, with this "explanation":

This page was deleted from Wikipedia, either because an administrator believed a consensus was reached among editors that it is unsuitable as an encyclopedia entry, or because an administrator felt it met one or more conditions for speedy deletion.

When the matter was discussed (see Articles for deletion/Criticism of The New York Times) there was NO consensus. In fact there were more calls to keep the article (4) than there were to delete it (3). But the deletion was made anyway, because "an administrator" (presumably someone anxious to maintain the illusion of the credibility of the NYT) felt like deleting it.

In the interests of documenting censorship at Wikipedia, the Wikipedia page "New York Times controversies" has been archived as a ZIP file which can be downloaded from this website by clicking here. You can thus read what the administrators at Wikipedia (or perhaps just one of them) do not want you to read.

The New York Times, like Wikipedia, is a covert propaganda machine. Its lies were well documented during 1990-1994 by Edward Herman in Lies of our Times. See also his The Propaganda Model Revisited and Wade Frazier's Lies I Was Raised With.

See also:

On his website www.truth-hertz.net Stan Winer writes

Wikipedia, in its purest optimal state, is sometimes a correct, accurate and reliable compendium of fact on arcane historical subjects such as the history of railroads; but as author Edwin Black discovered, the American-based Wikipedia can easily be degraded by individuals with hidden agendas and by outright intellectual frauds — without readers ever knowing. Were it not for the fact that the Google algorithm currently elevates Wikipedia to the highest stature in search visibility, the impact of this so-called "online encyclopedia" would be vastly less important. It would just be trite and fatuous. Without Google, Wikipedia would probably achieve only a fraction of its reach. But as it now stands, the rapid ascent of Wikipedia has helped contribute significantly to the dumbing down of world knowledge, especially knowledge of modern military history.

You can't trust anything you read on Wikipedia, and anyone who cites a Wikipedia article as authoritative simply reveals their own ignorance and naivety. Here are two scholarly alternatives recommended by Edwin Black:

And here is another alternative to Wikipedia:

Except to quote a national police chief describing Anders Behring Breivik as "pro-Israel", the Wikipedia page (as at 2011-07-26) on the "2011 Norway attacks" does not mention either Israel or Norwegian support for the BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) campaign, despite the plausibility of the massacre being an Israeli false flag terrorist attack intended to punish Norway for its support of justice for the Palestinians. This is to be expected from Wikipedia, which is a Zionist-controlled propaganda machine masquerading as an encyclopedia.

15 Pages Deleted From Wikipedia

What the trolls at Wikipedia don't want you to know.

The trolls also voted to delete a page on Archetypal Astrology, which included this:

Archetypal astrology is a branch of astrology, influenced by Jungian and post-Jungian depth psychology, that studies the connection between the changing positions of the planets in the solar system and archetypal patterns in human experience. It is practiced by a growing number of archetypal astrologers and by some Jungian therapists. It is different from archetypal psychology and some forms of psychological astrology in that the archetypes are seen as cosmological, rather than merely psychological principles.

In archetypal astrology, planetary configurations in the solar system are thought to bear a significant and coherent correspondence with archetypal themes and patterns evident in human experience. Archetypal astrology combines techniques drawn from conventional forms of astrology with an understanding of archetypes and the psyche emerging from the psychological theories of C. G. Jung, James Hillman, and Stanislav Grof.

Regarding this vote-to-delete a dissenter wrote:

No discussion of this deletion is necessary. According to the way that WP:FRINGE has been interpreted in regards to astrology, there is no possibility for this article to have non-fringe notability. If this topic were covered by a reliable source, then that reliable source is by definition a fringe source. If the enforcers of WP:FRINGE wish to remove any content, then there is simply no policy argument to limit their desire. They may remove any content that they wish; no argument is needed other than that they wish to remove it.
The Wikipedia trolls also managed to get a later page on Archetypal Cosmology deleted, despite the protests of dissenters.

What you read on Wikipedia is only what the troll clique decides that you should be allowed to read.

Oh, and if you are curious about what Wikipedia doesn't want you to know about, go here:  Archetypal Astrology

Serendipity banned at Wikipedia

If you try to add a link on any page of Wikipedia to any page on this website you will receive this message:
... is currently blocked."
It is so amusing to discover that Serendipity is banned at Wikipedia. Hilarious! What are the administrators there afraid of? Are they afraid of the revelation of the Truth About Wikipedia, namely, that it is no more than a propaganda machine cunningly disguised (with the unwitting help of thousands of well-meaning ordinary editors) as an online encyclopedia?

Or perhaps Wikipedia is run by Zionists, who dislike Serendipity's page on Zionism or its page on Israel as a Terrorist State. Or perhaps, since most of Wikipedia's administrators are Americans, they dislike Serendipity's characterization of the U.S.A. [also as] a Terrorist State. Or perhaps, since Wikipedia's administrators are shills for the official story of 9/11, they don't like it that Serendipity exposes the events of 9/11 as a hoax and as an inside job, thus making them look like the liars and fools that they are.

Wikipedia has even banned any link this page about a respected Indian sadhu: Ganesh Baba

Serendipity has over 1100 web pages, and the administrators at Wikipedia have not only used their god-like powers to ban all of them (regardless of how relevant they may be to pages at Wikipedia) but have also banned any web page which may ever be published on this site. Of course, the author of this website is not the only person whose writings have been censored at Wikipedia. There are several others (probably very many), as you can see from the above.

Wikipedia's Serendipity (disambiguation) page lists a film, a character in a file, a book series, an episode in TV series, a singing group, two albums and four songs. But this website, which has been online since 1996, has over 1000 pages and is admired by many, is hated by Wikipedia's editors. Try adding a link to this website at the disambiguation page and see how long it takes to be deleted.

WikiSpooks: Wikipedia/Hasbara

Wikipedia is a wonderful idea, brilliantly implemented, but it was always bound to have weaknesses as regards hot topics. ... In one area, the problem is much more serious, covering far more articles than any other, and that is the Israel-Palestinian topic. Basically, Wikipedia was holed below the waterline as soon as editors such as Jayjg became firm personal friends of Jimbo Wales and set about writing history the way they wanted it to be. Jayjg was eventually told to knock it off, but only after most articles within the topic were heavily contaminated by the activities of him and his numerous cronies, great and small. Towards the end of 2010, one can still see a few very high-quality editors left and a huge amount of the most utter dross, editors who should, in very many cases, have been identified and stopped within days of their first appearance. The content of this page is intended to demonstrate the bias within Wikipedia brought about, ultimately, by the selective promotion of Zionists such as Jayjg to all administrative roles.

Redress Online: Israeli propagandists taking over Wikipedia?

The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization that operates Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects, has signed an agreement that will allow Israeli propagandists to promote apartheid Israel and its racist, Zionist policies through the pages of Wikipedia, the world’s largest and most popular free encyclopedia.

The agreement was signed by Rabbi Shai Piron, the Israeli education minister, Jan-Bart de Vreede, the chairman of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees, Itzik Edri, the chairman of the Wikimedia Israel Board, and Michal Lester, the executive director of Wikimedia Israel.

... all we can say is RIP Wikipedia! Your credibility will now stoop to that of Mark Regev (real name Mark Freiberg), Israel’s Australian-born Joseph Goebbels.

Ron Unz: American Pravda: Was General Patton Assassinated?

Target Patton, written by Robert K. Wilcox and published by Regnery Press, runs over 450 pages, with an extensive bibliography and nearly 700 footnotes. The many years spent by the author on this project are clearly reflected in the contents, which include numerous personal interviews and the careful analysis of an enormous amount of primary and secondary source material. I’ve seldom encountered so detailed and seemingly exhaustive a work of investigatory journalism ... I personally found the evidence for Patton’s assassination quite persuasive, even overwhelming ...

For years I’ve emphasized to people that Wikipedia is absolutely worthless as a source of reliable information on any relatively “controversial” topic. Given Patton’s enormous historical stature, it is hardly surprising that his Wikipedia entry is exceptionally long and detailed, running over 15,000 words, with nearly 300 references and footnotes. But this exhaustive exposition contains not the slightest suggestion of any suspicious aspects to his death.

The Philip Cross Affair

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No self-respecting person should ever consult Wikipedia (and still less, cite Wikipedia as a source) except to get totally uncontroversial information such as the melting point of aluminium or the date of some historical battle. It is really a disgusting tool of Zionist and Establishment propaganda.

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