The COVID-19 PsyOp — Control by Fear

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The links above and below were mostly added from April through September 2020 as the COVID-19 hysteria developed and infected the minds of a gullible, fearful and subservient public. If you wish to understand properly this hoax and the social and economic disaster that it has caused then read everything linked to from this page.

But first — this virus-caused pandemic was predicted already in 2011, when a team led by Dutch virologist Dr Ron Fouchier created (in the lab) a "highly contagious killer flu". This was reported in the UK newspaper The Independent, which said:
For the first time the researchers have been able to mutate the H5N1 strain of avian influenza so that it can be transmitted easily through the air in coughs and sneezes. ... Dutch scientists carried out the controversial research to discover how easy it was to genetically mutate H5N1 into a highly infectious "airborne" strain of human flu. ... But critics say the scientists have endangered the world by creating a highly dangerous form of flu which could escape from the laboratory ... What makes H5N1 so dangerous, though, is that it has killed about 60 per cent of those it has infected, making it one of the most lethal known forms of influenza in modern history ... Scientists are in little doubt that the newly created strain of H5N1 — resulting from just five mutations in two key genes — has the potential to cause a devastating human pandemic that could kill tens of millions of people. ... Dr Fouchier ... [said] that it only took a small number of mutations to change the avian flu virus into a form that could spread more easily between humans.

For more on this see Preparing for Another Tamiflu Hoax? Or Something More Sinister?
And in February 2019 Dr Fouchier resumed his work.

See also: Too late to contain killer flu science, say experts (2011-12-22)

Advances in DNA technology and genetic engineering, which have allowed scientists to reconstruct the genomes of simple organisms, have produced many benefits, from new vaccines to pest-resistant crops. But molecular biology could also be used to produce "weaponised" viruses and microbes that could kill large numbers of people.

And for people who prefer audio-visual please view this YouTube video (via a link on Martin Armstrong's web site): International Lawsuits being Prepared Against the Corona Scam. Or download the same (without captions) as a zip file (134 Mb).

In this 49-minute video German trial lawyer Reiner Fülmich, a member of a Committee which has been investigating the Covid-19 pandemic since July 2020, describes the hoax. It explains a lot, and in particular why the Covid-19 "tests" are worthless (producing mosly false positives), and thus harmful, and have been heavily promoted by criminally irresponsible government authorities and by vaccine manufacturers seeking humongous profits (which they will obtain if governments succeed in making "Covid-19" vaccination compulsory — the penalty for refusal likely being separation of parents from their children and indefinite detention in "quarantine" camps).

As a result of Reiner Fülmich's work 1,000 Lawyers and 10,000 Doctors Have Filed a Lawsuit for Violations of the Nuremberg Code.

In addition to the incorrect [PCR] tests and fraudulent death certificates, the “experimental” vaccine itself violates ... Article 32 of the 1949 Geneva Convention [which states], “mutilation and medical or scientific experiments not required for the medical treatment of a protected person” are prohibited.  ... The “experimental” vaccine violates all 10 Nuremberg codes — which carry the death penalty for those who try to break these international laws.

These legal proceedings have been filed against the CDC, WHO and the Davos Group for crimes against humanity.

Governments daily report thousands of new "cases", intended to ramp up the level of fear. "Cases" are mostly false positives, but when not they mostly indicate a viral load which is so low as to be harmless to the person tested. The ecomomies of the world, and the lives of millions of people, have thus been destroyed as a result of a hoax of monumental proportions.

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Relevant articles beginning January 2020

If you wish to skip to the highly revealing articles beginning May 2021 then click here.

Have you found that at the local supermarket suddenly almost all of the customers are wearing face masks? Inference: Almost all of the customers are either gullible idiots indoctrinated by too much exposure to the MSM, or don't wish to risk a $100 fine by tyrannical officials suddenly granted too much power.

Masks don't work


So why do almost all governments insist on people wearing these face masks ... and threatening hefty fines if they don't? It doesn't require an IQ > 100 to realize that mandatory face masks are an attempt to destroy communication between people, 50% of whose person-to-person communication consists of facial expressions.

facial expressions

And did you know? When you wear a face mask, no-one can see you smile (or scowl). And when another person wears a face mask, you can't see them smile (or scowl). And when they speak, face masks make it harder to understand what they are saying. Could it be that mandatory face masks are intended to hinder people from communicating with each other? If they can't communicate, how can they agree on ways to oppose the tyranny that is being forced upon them?

And in July 2020, as the dust settles and the true magnitude of the disastrous effects of the Covid-19 pandemic/hysteria/hoax starts to become evident:

One of the hallmarks of totalitarianism is mass conformity to a psychotic official narrative. Not a regular official narrative, like the “Cold War” or the “War on Terror” narratives. A totally delusional official narrative that has little or no connection to reality and that is contradicted by a preponderance of facts. Nazism and Stalinism are the classic examples ...

What many people fail to understand is that to those who fall prey to them (whether individual cult members or entire totalitarian societies) such narratives do not register as psychotic. On the contrary, they feel entirely normal. Everything in their social “reality” reifies and reaffirms the narrative, and anything that challenges or contradicts it is perceived as an existential threat. ...

[In] most of our societies right now ... [an] official narrative is being implemented. A totalitarian official narrative. A totally psychotic official narrative, no less delusional than that of the Nazis, or the Manson family, or any other cult. Most people cannot see that it is happening, for the simple reason that it is happening to them. ...

[People] cannot perceive the delusional nature of the official "Covid-19" narrative, no more than those in Nazi Germany were able to perceive how completely delusional their official "master race" narrative was. Such people are neither ignorant nor stupid. They have been successfully initiated into a cult, which is essentially what totalitarianism is, albeit on a societal scale. Their initiation into the Covidian Cult began in January [2020], when the medical authorities and corporate media turned on The Fear with projections of hundreds of millions of deaths and fake photos of people dropping dead in the streets. The psychological conditioning has continued for months. The global masses have been subjected to a constant stream of propaganda, manufactured hysteria, wild speculation, conflicting directives, exaggerations, lies, and tawdry theatrical effects. Lockdowns. Emergency field hospitals and morgues. The singing-dancing NHS staff. Death trucks. Overflowing ICUs. Dead Covid babies. Manipulated statistics. Goon squads. Masks. And all the rest of it. ...

An increasing number of doctors and medical experts are [in October 2020] breaking ranks and explaining how the current mass hysteria over "cases" (which now includes perfectly healthy people) is essentially meaningless propaganda, for example, in this segment on ARD, one of the big mainstream German TV channels. What we are up against is not a misunderstanding or a rational argument over scientific facts. It is a fanatical ideological movement. A global totalitarian movement ... the first of its kind in human history.

It isn't national totalitarianism, because we're living in a global capitalist empire, which isn't ruled by nation-states, but rather, by supranational entities and the global capitalist system itself. And thus, the cult/culture paradigm has been inverted. Instead of the cult existing as an island within the dominant culture, the cult has become the dominant culture, and those of us who have not joined the cult have become the isolated islands within it.

And in April 2021, over a year since the Covid hoax was first floated, this insane situation continues, with Germany being in total lockdown at Christmas 2020 and again at Easter 2021. Yet many (or most) people have remained willingly subservient to the tyranny imposed upon them by their governments, comprehensible only in terms of their blind adherence to the Covidian Cult.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò
Open Letter To The President Of The United States Of America Donald J. Trump
October 25, 2020

Mister President,

Allow me to address you at this hour in which the fate of the whole world is being threatened by a global conspiracy against God and humanity. ...

[This] historical moment sees the forces of Evil aligned in a battle without quarter against the forces of Good; forces of Evil that appear powerful and organized as they oppose the children of Light, who are disoriented and disorganized, abandoned by their temporal and spiritual leaders.

Daily we sense the attacks multiplying of those who want to destroy the very basis of society: the natural family, respect for human life, love of country, freedom of education and business. We see heads of nations and religious leaders pandering to this suicide of Western culture and its Christian soul, while the fundamental rights of citizens and believers are denied in the name of a health emergency that is revealing itself more and more fully as instrumental to the establishment of an inhuman faceless tyranny.

A global plan called the Great Reset is underway. Its architect is a global élite that wants to subdue all of humanity, imposing coercive measures with which to drastically limit individual freedoms and those of entire populations. ...

The purpose of the Great Reset is the imposition of a health dictatorship aiming at the imposition of liberticidal measures, hidden behind tempting promises of ensuring a universal income and cancelling individual debt. The price of these concessions from the International Monetary Fund will be the renunciation of private property and adherence to a program of vaccination against Covid-19 and Covid-21 promoted by Bill Gates with the collaboration of the main pharmaceutical groups. Beyond the enormous economic interests that motivate the promoters of the Great Reset, the imposition of the vaccination will be accompanied by the requirement of a health passport and a digital ID, with the consequent contact tracing of the population of the entire world. Those who do not accept these measures will be confined in detention camps or placed under house arrest, and all their assets will be confiscated. ...

You can read the full text of the letter here.

Nazis marching
In case you missed it, on November 18, the German parliament passed a law, the so-called “Infection Protection Act” (“Das Infektionsschutzgesetz” in German) formally granting the government the authority to issue whatever edicts it wants under the guise of protecting the public health. ...

Now, this “Infection Protection Act,” which was rushed through the parliament, is not in any way comparable to the “Enabling Act of 1933,” which formally granted the government the authority to issue whatever edicts it wanted under the guise of remedying the distress of the people. Yes, I realize that sounds quite similar, but, according to the government and the German media, there is absolutely no equivalence whatsoever ...

As the Protection Act was being legitimized (i.e., the current one, not the one in 1933), tens of thousands of anti-totalitarian protesters gathered in the streets, many of them carrying copies of the Grundgesetz (i.e., the constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany), which the parliament had just abrogated. They were met by thousands of riot police, who declared the demonstration “illegal” ... beat up and arrested hundreds of them, and then hosed down the rest with water cannons. ...

But seriously, I don't mean to pick on the Germans. ... It's just that, given their not-too-distant history, it is rather depressing, and more than a little frightening, to watch as Germany is once again transformed into a totalitarian state, where the police are hunting down the mask‑less on the streets, raiding restaurants, bars, and people's homes ...

See, although the narratives and symbols may change, totalitarianism is totalitarianism. It doesn't really matter which uniform it wears, or which language it speaks ... it is the same abomination. It is an idol, a simulacrum of the hubris of man, formed from the clay of the minds of the masses by megalomaniacal spiritual cripples who want to exterminate what they cannot control. And what they want to control is always everything. Everything that reminds them of their weakness and their shame. You. Me. Society. The world. Laughter. Love. Honor. Faith. The past. The future. Life. Death. Everything that will not obey them.

Russia defeated the Nazis in World War 2, but can we rely on modern‑day Russia to defeat the Covid Nazis in the present Global War on Humanity?

And some more light-hearted satire:
baby vaccination
So, good news, folks! It appears that GloboCap’s Genetic Modification Division has come up with a miracle vaccine for Covid! It’s an absolutely safe, non-experimental, messenger-RNA vaccine that teaches your cells to produce a protein that triggers an immune response, just like your body's immune-system response, only better, because it's made by corporations! ...

This ... vaccine is truly a historic development, because apart from saving the world from a virus that causes mild to moderate flu-like symptoms (or, more commonly, no symptoms whatsoever) in roughly 95% of those infected, and that over 99% of those infected survive, the possibilities for future applications of messenger-RNA technology, and the genetic modification of humans, generally, is virtually unlimited at this point. ...

The important thing at the moment is to defeat this common-flu-like pestilence that has no significant effect on age-adjusted death rates, and the mortality profile of which is more or less identical to the normal mortality profile, but which has nonetheless left the global corporatocracy no choice but to "lock down" the entire planet, plunge millions into desperate poverty, order everyone to wear medical-looking masks, unleash armed goon squads to raid people's homes, and otherwise transform society into a pathologized-totalitarian nightmare. And, of course, the only way to do that (i.e., save humanity from a flu-like bug) is to coercively vaccinate every single human being on the planet Earth!

OK, you’re probably thinking that doesn't make much sense, this crusade to vaccinate the entire species against a relatively standard respiratory virus, but that's just because you are still thinking critically. You really need to stop thinking like that. As The New York Times just pointed out, "critical thinking isn't helping." ... Critical thinking leads to "vaccine hesitancy," which is why corporations are working with governments to immediately censor any and all content that deviates from the official Covid-19 narrative and deplatform the authors of such content, or discredit them as "anti-vax disinformationists." ...

Put simply, if you agree to take any so-called Covid-19 "vaccine" then you're a gullible fool, and deserve what will happen to you.

Relevant articles beginning May 2021

The Actual Cause(s) of "COVID-19 Illness"?

The health "authorities" in all countries have assumed, and broadcast, that the unusual respiratory illnesses observed worldwide in 2020 are due to infection by a novel corona virus, and this explanation has been widely accepted without question by most people. It may be, however, that the observed illnesses are only partly caused by the Covid-19 virus, but that the main cause is something else entirely — either overlooked or deliberately concealed.

There are at least two candidates for an alternative cause: (1) 5G microwave radiation, currently being "rolled out" in most technically advanced (mainly Western) countries.  (2) Cyanide released into the environment during manufacture of petroleum products from oil obtained by fracking.

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