Sacred Reality
by vor
On May 3rd 2016 The Saker published a long article on his blog entitled A negative view of Christianity and religion in general. By “Christianity”, The Saker (who is a Russian Orthodox Christian) refers to modern Christianity, what Christianity has become, which is very distant from early Christianity not only in time (2000 years) but also in doctrine and practice.

This article attracted over 85 comments, one of which, by “vor” is presented below. Agreement with it does not require a Christian faith, only an acquaintance with current geopolitics and an awareness that the materialism of modern science has had (and continues to have) a soul-destroying effect upon the modern world and most of the people who live in it.

Religion can be described as being many things, and it definitely is a way in which human beings attempt to make sense out of reality, a reality that is essentially a total mystery. Science has done nothing to really get to the bottom of this mystery; the more that is discovered, the more questions it generates, and the attempt by materialist mechanistic science to reduce everything to a chain of cause-and-effect chemical reactions, i.e. 'causality’, is perhaps among the most monstrous pseudo-philosophical aberrations of our time. It has caused the contemporary existential crisis that is gnawing away at what is sometimes called ‘Western civilization’. It has reduced life to a pointless exercise in self-aggrandizement and instant gratification. And so it is destroying itself, and threatening to take the world with it.

This is one of the reasons why in the West, in the establishment circles, the intelligentsia — if it can be called that — there is such a deep hatred for Russia. It goes much deeper than the Eastern and Western churches, although there is much to this as well, but the kind of comments made by revolting imbeciles such as Carl Bildt — that Orthodox Christianity presents a greater threat to the West than Islam — an unbelievable comment if there ever was one — does contain a degree of perverted sick logic. These people fear a truly authentic Christian revival in Russia, they are aware the power that such a phenomenon could bring with it, were it to occur. They sense that it may occur, the signs are there, there are tendencies leaning in that direction, and Putin hints at it somewhat. This is something that the Anglo-American Empire fears more than anything else, because it would threaten the very foundations of the system, and the foundations are based on an idea, a concept, which basically tries to tell us that the world as we see it, experience it, is all there is, there is nothing else, science has proven that there is no spiritual force in the world, everything can be reduced to the workings of a machine-type organism, this is what nature is, a machine, existing by accident for its own sake, with no purpose or objective other than to survive at any other’s expense and to satisfy the senses with about as much indulgence as one can acquire, and acquisition is realized by any means necessary, including destruction of any perceived obstacle.This is the insanity at the heart of the Anglo Empire.

A religious revival in Russia threatens to overturn this and return the notion of purpose to life, the idea that we exist in a reality which is so obviously meant for something that it is staring us in the face each day. The fact that it is not obvious to us what that purpose is is one of the joys of life, it is one aspect of life that propels our need to explore, to inquire, to investigate, to try to get closer to our Creator as it were. The sense that life is sacred and that we are all our brother’s keeper is just an anathema to the Empire, this is another aspect of Christianity that an authentic revival would bring back to the world, an ethic that is so sorely needed that if it is not returned we are probably all doomed, one way or another, sooner or later. I think such discussions are sorely needed because the ethos of authentic Christianity spreads through word of mouth; it is not a typical ideological construct spread through political movements but rather practice and preaching, of a certain form, are the means of perpetuating this idea. We have to return the idea of purpose back to the world, the idea that we are here for a reason, the ultimate truth of that reason may be forever beyond us and possibly we are not even supposed to know, but that there is obviously a Creator, something has created, generated this reality that we were born into and it is clearly sacred, this is something that needs to be said repeatedly, and stressed as much as possible.

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