The Globalist Agenda Explained

Their goal and end-game of course goes way beyond the destruction of European nations and cultures. It is global. They are busy imposing on the entire world a One World Government, with a One World Bank (an international privately run one just like the US Fed), and a One World Currency, with a of course a one-world UN military force to enforce trading in that currency in the same way that the US military enforces trading in the US petrodollar. This is not theory but fact to any disinterested observer of the globalist movement and its sources.

The same cabal totally responsible for most of the unrest and major wars for the past 150 years, controls the banks, our finances, most Western multinational corporations, the Western media, the entertainment industry, all of our politicians with any influence or power, and our governments, courts and educational systems. So, what can we do? Expose, Oppose and Depose! Take back our nations and throw the bastards out.

How is the globalist cabal selling all this to us? They create conflict and wars. They create national debt. They create fake crises, and they work at it with very long-range planning. With this group concentrating more and more power and wealth under their control and running things, all we have had from them is unrest, wars, and more and more insecurity with local people being dispossessed of their rights of self-determination, their national sovereignties, their resources, their cultures, and even their rights to procreate.

Those in the left who espouse social justice have to wake up. Read very carefully the social justice whistle-blower John Perkins works Confessions of an Economic Hitman and The Secret History of the American Empire and how the IMF, the World Bank and the Western (mostly US-based) multinational corporations (the “corporatocracy” he calls it) deliberately debt-rigged countless third-world nations in order to take over and exploit their resources. Then if the people of such a nation rebel, they invite regime-change operations, terrorists insurgencies, and civil wars, with their nations being destroyed. But the resources still flow our way. This is all trite, but what social-justice lefties conveniently overlook in their push for a world government is the fact that the same international banksters who run the IMF and the World Bank have deliberately debt-rigged all nations of the West in exactly the same way their paid hit men, like Perkins, debt-rigged third world nations.

Their puppets running our governments are totally responsible for all easy-money loans and deficit spending of our governments, which have built up to enormous and unsustainable national debts. The threat of the collapse of Deutsche Bank and worries of the German people over bankruptcy or economic collapse is not an accident. It has all been carefully choreographed by the debt-riggers and now they have their puppet, Ms. Merkel, advocating to the German people that they give up their sovereignty, their self-determination and integrity as a nation, and accept a One World Government (and Bank), all in order to ease off the fake impending financial doom.

Debt-rigging is the most effective weapon of the banksters, thieves, and exploiters. Debtors and debtor nations feel and are made to feel “owned” by their creditors. In the process the indebted people actually come to feel tired, hopeless, trapped and powerless to do anything to determine their own futures in their own nations and jurisdictions. They actually go begging to the international financial cartels for more credit to continue paying off the mounting interest on their loans. Not ever can they hope for financial independence for foreseeable future generations. Why even have kids with such a burden? With this mindset inflicted upon them, the people become more dispossessed and powerless with respect to asserting anything in relation their national interests. That has already happened in many Western nations as it has in many third-world nations, and it is no accident.

To do this to any nation from without is an act of unjust war, and to do it from within is treason, and a betrayal of one’s own people. Merkel is a traitor, as is Macron of France, as is May of the UK, and Trudeau of Canada, as were most US Presidents beginning with Wilson. Not even Trump, who is financially owned by the same debt-rigging cabal, can be really be trusted in all of this. Under Trump the people are given the option of a US-global dominance over a UN-global dominance. Both options are options of the same cabal running things and neither option is designed to protect nation-states and encourage people to take responsibilities within their own borders to determine their own destinies without harming other nations.

Presently the carrot on the stick of the cabal (which they have already presented to us and to our fake leaders) is a One World Bank with a One World Currency which will balance the books for Western debt by absorbing much of it with a new credit and balance sheet. Western debt is the most effective fake crisis they have engineered over the past 100 years, and they believe it is their ticket to global financial domination, backed up of course by a UN army with teeth. Notice that globalist Obama is now considering running again, obviously to usher in the new world order.

When are we going to take back our nations and kick these bastards out? If not now, then welcome to the new world slave order.

This was originally published on December 28, 2018,
as a comment by FBaggins to the article
Angela Merkel: Nation States Must “Give Up Sovereignty” To New World Order

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