"Our Democracy is at Stake!" — A Letter to America
by Kersasp D. Shekhdar

Shekhdar is a Zarathushtrian ('Zoroastrian') Mazdayasni by birth (non-practising)
and is a deist. He may be termed a rational free-thinker and humanist.

10th December, 2004

Dear American,

I trust this finds you well in your nascent neo-Empire. Now this is funny but I've been coming across a sentiment that patriots and activists are expressing with increasing frequency. It runs along the lines of "Our democracy is at stake." That is, to be honest, naïve. I believe that you and everyone else would truly be best served if you have the courage and the truthful heart to face the facts. May I provide them here.

First, the U.S. never was a Democracy, per the rational decision of the Founders and Framers. It was a Republic. The two are different, regardless of the attempts of the U.S. media to pretend that the two are the same or similar. Ben Franklin said so himself. As an example, before Rome lapsed into a dictatorial empire, it was a Republic (wow, does that sound familiar?), not a Democracy.

Second, Switzerland is a Democracy and Germany is a Republic. But the U.S. is neither — not anymore. Abe Lincoln had predicted the demise of the Republic way back in 1865. He had written: "I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. As a result of the war, [banking] corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavour to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed." That destruction happened quite some time back but it is only becoming apparent now. Similarly Madison said: "If tyranny and oppression ever come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy." That's just what's happened. And in American Communications Association v. Douds (339 U.S. 382), the Supreme Court opined: "It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error." Well, 'the citizen' either did not or could not 'keep the Government from falling into error.' So let's face it: Neither the 'Democracy' nor the 'Republic' is 'at stake'. It is already lost. That that is the case is self-evident because American citizens have no power, but in a Republic the citizens do have some power. They only think (or pretend) that they do. Moreover, even their rights are being abrogated as the Bill of Rights is made a mockery of, and many are in prison for little or no reason.

Third, as bad as things are, the U.S. media are one of the most controlled in the entire world, and that is not a hallmark of a Republic or a Democracy. The only difference between U.S. media and the controlled media in crude dictatorships like Burma makes the deception even more insidious and covert: Instead of direct and obvious governmental control, absolute influence via an indirect feedback-control loop exists. Thus, while the Burmese know that their media are controlled and so this awareness makes them less likely to be deceived and deluded, y'all remain under the delusion that you have a 'free press' and media that offer variegated opinions, when in reality the news and opinions you get are strictly filtered, controlled, and bounded. And so, the insidious nature of the betrayal means the vast majority of you Americans are hopelessly misinformed and uninformed while at the same you think that you are well-informed! (Ted Turner selling out CNN to Time-Warner was the worst thing that happened to you and your countrymen, the last nail in the coffin.)

Fourth, strictly speaking, the U.S. is, in the here & now, a Plutocratic Fascist Totalitarianism. These are not empty labels, I apply them strictly. A country where two viable parties exist (that's one party away from a formal one-party state!) and both are thoroughly controlled by corporate plutocrats, capitalist plutocrats, the Jewish lobby, and Zionists; and where the 'Federal' Election Commission is controlled by the two parties themselves, cannot be called anything other than a Totalitarianism. (Also, the Federal Reserve Board is privately controlled; more than that, those private interests 'grow' money on trees for themselves — that racket relates to inventing money they don't have, lending it at interest to the government, and so forth. JFK tried to fix that financial racketeering in ... late Summer 1963 ...)

You see, fact is that America's "Democracy is at stake" about as much as Sweden's Monarchy is at stake. I shall address an 'aside' here to the World citizen in general and the Political Science scholar in particular because I wish to propose a new term simply because there's a new reality that is not identified by an appropriate term. I shall call one-half of U.S.A.'s form of government as it exists today a 'Constitutional Democracy' — the first of its kind in the World. I can already hear my readers go "Huh? I've heard of a 'Parliamentary Democracy' and a 'Pure Democracy.' And a 'Representative Democracy' and a 'Direct Democracy.' But what the dickens is a 'Constitutional Democracy'?" Well, to get some perspective, first let's consider Sweden's form of government. It is a Parliamentary Democracy with a Constitutional Monarchy. What that means is that the legacy Monarchy is acknowledged within the form of government (which is a type of Democracy) but the Monarchy has no real power; its role is symbolic and ceremonial. In other words, the form of government is something other than a Monarchy but it retains the trappings of a Monarchy for sentimental reasons and as a quaint link to the past. In perfect parallel, the U.S. is a 'Constitutional Democracy' because the legacy (i.e. of yore) Democracy is acknowledged within the form of government (which today is a Plutocratic Fascist Totalitarianism) but the People (Demos = the common people) have no real power. Their role is symbolic and ceremonial in that every two years they go through the motions of having an 'election' and that gives them a measure of self-worth — it is a necessary ritual to keep alive a necessary illusion. In these 'elections', besides several libertarian or progressive propositions that are on the ballots in New England and Pacific Coast states (which propositions usually wind up getting defeated), the electorates are offered only two beholden and controlled candidates for each state and federal position, and of late even then the People are not allowed a free and fair choice of candidate. In other words, the true form of government is something other than a Democracy but it retains the trappings of a Democracy for sentimental reasons and as a quaint link to the past!

Now dear American, don't be mad at me for holding up the repugnant, squirming Truth for all the World to see — in fact you should be grateful to me: if you cannot see the Serpent, how will you slay it? [S]elections in the U.S. don't matter a whit, you never get an outsider candidate like Dean anymore. In fact when FDR was running for term no. 4 and looked like a cinch to win it, the powers-that-be made sure he dumped his then-veep Henry A. Wallace and got pliant (and interventionist-minded) Truman instead. And when Americans 'elected' Clinton, it wasn't much different from the way things are now, you know. Clinton and Madeleine Albright killed more innocents than Bush and Rumsfeld. A totally innocent country, Yugoslavia, was brutally bombed and ruined and the 'reasons' that Americans were given were — fabricated. The reality had to do with the Yugoslavs' economic system, their refusal to allow foreign ownership of their assets, their 'bugger off' attitude to the IMF, World Bank and other International Finance Mafiosi, and their success with collectivization. Now Milosevic wouldn't budge for the International Finance Mafia. So the K.L.A. was created and the Kosovo crisis was instigated and manufactured by the C.I.A. as the necessary pretext for phony 'humanitarian intervention.' As regards that latter term, remember the 'humanitarian intervention' in Somalia? Those folks really did not want Americans' 'humanitarianism' as they so unmistakeably showed, didn't they? Similarly, Iraq was repeatedly overflown and every now and again bombed during Clinton's presidency. But, most horribly, the U.S. under Clinton, Gore, and Albright enforced the most brutal sanctions in the history of the World for eight years and used the carrot and the stick to make other countries toe its line. Sheep-like American citizens were told stuff and nonsense to the effect that "those tricky Iraqis, darn 'em, they're selling oil on the black-market and violating our humane sanctions." But the truth was that because of the embargo, enforced on even elementary health essentials like water sterilization equipment and antibiotics (besides dozens of other medical necessities), half-a-million babies and children died — all preventable deaths. Besides many adults. Not the doings of a 'Democracy.' But most of you people didn't know, some of you who thought you 'knew' supported the blockade (to call it by its correct name) because what you 'knew' was misinformation and disinformation, and the few of you who really knew couldn't do a thing — hey, the citizens have no power in a Constitutional Democracy within a Plutocratic Fascist Totalitarianism. Isn't that obvious already?

It is only when one realizes and accepts the truth that one can gird oneself either to solving the problem or accepting that it is not something one can solve. The sad truth is that something another Founding Father, Thomas Jefferson, said comes to mind. Suffice it to say the very 'tree of Liberty' is dying . . . and possibly only Jeffersonian 'manure' can now save it.

   Kersasp D. Shekhdar

Activist & reporter Sam Smith said ". . . I suddenly noticed that the truth was no longer setting people free; it was only making them drowsy." So we thought, "Then shall we change the style, the manner, in which we tell the truth?"

Copyright © 2005 Kersasp D. Shekhdar, All Rights Reserved

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