How to Mirror the Home Page

I, Peter Meyer, am the author of this Serendipity website. If you agree that this website provides useful, valuable or interesting information, and that it should be more widely known then, you can help by mirroring the home page (partially, and as it was in October 2021) on your own website. This is easily done, as follows:

  1. Create a folder on your website for the files (this is the "download folder").
  2. Download to that folder the file /mirror/ by clicking on that link. (Alternate download link is here.)
  3. Unzip this zip file into the download folder. There will be 34 files: 10 HTML files, 1 CSS file and 23 image files (GIF, JPG and PNG). There are no files of any other type.
  4. From some page on your website place a link (text or image) either to the home-page.htm file or to the index.html file in the download folder. Clicking on this link will then bring up the home page copy, which appears as follows (click for the full-size image):

That's all that you need to do.

The ten HTML files in the file are copyrighted (being part of the Serendipity website itself, which is copyrighted by this author). However, I hereby give permission for this (partial) mirror of the home page to be published (as described above) on any website provided it is not changed in any way. After downloading, the size of the file should be 814,150 bytes (795.07 Kb), and the MD5 digital signature of the zip file should be 0A21D3B4944936DA19F81857283E346F.

You might be more inclined to mirror this page after reading my comment on on Brandon Smith's article Why Are Globalists And Governments So Desperate For 100% Vaccination Rates? (retry if error message). I said:

Klaus Schwab and his "Great Reset" global elitists wish to eliminate "useless eaters" (useless to them). Their tool is the double-jab (a.k.a. the "vaccines"), which contains toxins which over a period of a a year or two will produce infertility, injury and death in the double-jabbed. They will blame this on a new ("more infectious" and "more deadly") "variant" of "the Covid-19 virus". But this story will not be credible if it is only the double-jabbed who become infertile, injured and die. If the jabbed constitute about half of the U.S. population, and the other half (the unjabbed) do not suffer this injury, then it will be plain to see that it is the jab — the "vaccine" — that is the cause. Thus in order for the elitists' story to hold up, it is necessary that all, or almost all, of the population gets double-jabbed. If not, it will be clear that the elitists (by means of their toxic "vaccines") have attempted something close to global genocide. In which case those of them who cannot flee to their private islands in the Pacific will have a problem, namely, how to avoid being hanged from lampposts. To overcome this problem they may provoke a global war (likely going nuclear quickly) to distract attention from their obvious guilt — unless they can be stopped first.

You can do your bit to help stop them by putting a (partial) mirror of the Serendipity home page on your website.

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