The author of this website, Peter Meyer, was raised by poor but honest working class parents.  The most liberating teaching he received (from his father, while still a child) was: "You don't have to depend on what others say — you can think for yourself and make up your own mind." He also remembers a saying: "If you can't beat the System at least you can go down spitting in its eye."

Following a good high school education (yes, that was possible then) he attended university and majored in mathematics and philosophy (with some physics, biology, psychology, etc.).  He became a computer programmer, and worked as such during university vacations.  In the 70s he did some postgraduate study in philosophy, then traveled in Europe and Asia (along the hippie trail, before hippies became almost extinct except for a few wild bands in Northern California).

In the 1980s he lived mostly in California, working sometimes as a computer programmer and sometimes as an independent software developer, and pursued his interest in such things as shamanism, which led to several visits to Esalen.  During this time he met a lot of interesting people (including Terence McKenna), formed many friendships, and attended numerous Grateful Dead concerts (there was nothing like a Grateful Dead concert).  Toward the end of the 80s he returned to Europe for eighteen months, then moved back to California.

Perceiving (even then) a tendency toward the rise of a repressive and totalitarian government, the effects of what some now identify as a criminal secret junta at the heart of the US Government, he left the U.S., one year after the Waco Massacre, in search of a better life and greater liberty, which he subsequently found.  He has never gone back, and never will go back, because the U.S. is a cryptofascist terrorist state, intent upon imposing a materialist-corporate-capitalist hegemony upon the entire planet, by way of a nuclear first-strike against Russia, China, Iran or all three if this is its only way to achieve this goal.

He began this Serendipity website in 1996. Since then he has continually added material reflecting his gradually increasing understanding of what's actually going on, with particular emphasis on drawing attention to certain remediable ills, generally resulting from bad government, combined with the implicit suggestion (hopefully not too implicit) that human intelligence, exercised both individually and collectively, is capable of remedying the situation, despite what the evidence would suggest up to now (namely, that human intelligence is in short supply, and that the human species is fatally flawed).

He would consider it a great pity if, after several thousand generations of humans had struggled courageously to survive in the face of often adverse climatic and social conditions, the human species became extinct as a direct result of the folly of this and recent generations (or more accurately, as a result of the greed and lust for power of those responsible for America's capitalist-militarist-imperialist foreign — and recently domestic — policy). Sort of like dropping the ball, except that extinction is forever. On the other hand, considering the mass extinction of other species that humans (or more exactly, big international corporations) are currently causing on this planet, the other animals (and plants) would no doubt be happy to see us gone forever.

Yet worse than extinction would be the survival of the human species on a prison planet, in which everyone except a controlling power elite (it has become clear that this consists mainly of the international bankers) had become basically a technologized robot (or sheep, or puppet), eating, reproducing and working in industrialist production lines (until they will be replaced completely by robots) for turning out "goods" and "services" for consumption by all the other robots, while those controlling this Satanic system reaped the profits from all this slave labor. This, similar to what George Orwell warned us about in his prescient novel 1984, is the prospect facing humanity today, and will likely occur unless enough people wake up in time and disrupt the plans of those who would enslave them — or eliminate them entirely as "useless eaters".

It is not the fear of the bomb that paralyzes us, not fear that man has no future. Rather, it is the nature of the future, not its extinction, that produces such foreboding in the artist. It is a numbing apprehension that such future as man has may dispense with art, with man as we now know him, and such as art has made him. The survival of men who are strangers to the nature of this conception is a more appalling thought than the extinction of the species. — Wright Morris, as quoted by Loren Eisley in The Firmament of Time

Serendipity was designed, written and coded by Peter Meyer, who is solely responsible for its content. All material on this web site was written by him except where otherwise noted (except in a few cases where the author is unknown, though in this case this is usually stated explicitly).

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