Top Ten 9/11 Truth Movement Activist Kit for 2004

  1. Support the US and worldwide "Stop the 9/11 Cover-up" protest march

    On Saturday, February 7th, 2004, New York will open with a protest march against the 9/11 Cover-up. To support this march and any other protests on that weekend, please sign in at 9/11 Meetup, find four other supporters and team up with local activists in your area for that event. We need also other Meetups in Amsterdam (Dutch intelligence was monitoring Hamburg Cell suspects) and Berlin (to support the German 9/11 authors who filed lawsuits against German TV shows) and Sydney (to protest against Australian Prime Minister John Howard).

  2. Educate "newbie"-9/11 skeptics with a 9/11 media kit

    Check out CommunityCurrency and Nancho.Net for 9/11 books and movies and, 911Review, Paul Thompson's Timeline and GFP 9/11 Archive for other researchers and original sources. Organize 9/11 investigative film screenings and look out for new 9/11 skeptic movies.

  3. Become the media

    Currently GlobalFreePress supports two weekly shows, SGTV and INN World Report. SGTV is an ongoing 9/11 documentary which will be screened at the Sundance Film Festival and the contest. SGTV is constantly looking for new spots on Public Access Channels and FreeSpeech TV. Please vote and watch out for our videos (30 sec to 30 min) and Thursday TV Shows.

    Alert: The public vote for the Bushin30Seconds-Movies will end on New Years Eve.

    If you have any video skills or want to support SGTV in any other way, please contact the Producers.

    INN World Report is a weekly progressive news show on Fridays which covers the real background of the "war on terrorism" and has had guests such as Michael Meacher (09-12), Joe Conason, Bev Harris, John Pilger, Ellen Mariani/Phil Berg (9/11 Lawsuit against Bush Government) and also never-before broadcast footage of WTC 7, which collapsed, for as yet unexplained reasons, at 5:25 PM on Sept. 11th.

    Please support GFP and also any other investigative 9/11 videos.

    Here is another new short clip ("Instant Messaging 9/11") by Anonymous.C., TN.

    If you have a slow connection at home, you can also go to any library for free.

  4. 9/11 activism is not new — and is very simple

    9/11 Activism started already in late 2001. CommunityCurrency and FalloutShelterNews/Petition to Investigate 9/11 Oddities were one of the first 9/11 Activist Projects.

    These sites and the following will provide you ASAP with a virtual fax machine and list where you can send the most popular 9/11 flyers to your favourite Congresspersons and journalists, and also to every U.S. city which has opposed the USA PATRIOT Act.

    A Media Contact kit is also located at RadicalPress.

    Please check out also these other 9/11 activist sites and get in touch with them:, 9/11 Meetup, (formerly 911000ManMarch), War On Freedom 9/11 Activists, Portland 9/11 Investigation Yellow Truth Dot Protests, 9/11, QuestionW, GFP, 9/11 Truth Movement at GlobalResearch, 911Review Flyers and the latest new ones (9/11 videos) and 9/11 Activists San Diego.

  5. Support the Ellen Mariani lawsuit

    On 2003-11-26 Ellen Mariani filed a civil RICO action (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) lawsuit against President Bush and other high-level members of his administration based upon prior knowledge of 911; knowingly failing to act, prevent or warn of 911; and the ongoing obstruction of justice by covering up the truth of 911; all in violation of the laws of the United States.

    With a few exceptions US and European media have ignored her lawsuit so far.

  6. Protest the next round of the 9/11 Commission

    The next public round of the National Commission will be on Monday or Tuesday, Jan. 26 or 27, 2004. There are local buses which will transport you to the Commission. If you work for a media outlet you should also join their press conference, to put to the commissioners lots of unanswered questions.

  7. Support and organize 9/11 truth panels

    With your personal 9/11 Media Kit, it's easy to organize a public screening. Keep the flyers simple and avoid distracting issues such as Election 2004, Democrat-Republican topics or third-country issues.

    Support the next big International Inquiry into 9-11 in San Francisco on March 26th-28th, 2004, also supported by a Benefit Gig on February 1st/2nd in San Francisco.

  8. Learn about PNAC

    There are many blueprints around which gave the pretext for 9/11: PNAC, IASPS, Zbigniew Brzezinski's "The Grand Chessboard", the "Reichstagsbrand" and "Operation Northwoods" are just a few of them. However PNAC stated already in 1998 and late 2000 that what was needed was "some catastrophic and catalysing event — like a new Pearl Harbour". Check out the sources for PNAC and find out who really hijacked the U.S. Constitution and U.S. Government.

  9. Help put 9/11 scepticism and activism into the U.S. mainstream

    Already popular in France, Germany and Canada, the U.S. is just barely there. Another way to support the 9/11 Truth Movement is to work with musicians or DJ's together, e.g., Paris (Sonic Jihad), Drop Beats, Not Bombs, Bands Against Bush and Michael Kane with Kane + Salem, who will release a 9/11 album in early 2004 which will also cover other dark secrets of the U.S. Government.

  10. You are not alone!

    Please always remember that you still have the right to freedom of speech. The U.S. Government is hiding the truth about 9/11. Check out all sources above and find out for yourself. There is no big conspiracy, but a minority of people who continue to deny your rights by intimidation, a bogus "war on terrorism" and attempting to control oil resources worldwide and inflate the military and biotechnology budgets.

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