The North Tower Impact
By Peter Meyer

In his article The Incredible 9-11 Evidence We've All been Overlooking Leonard Spencer pointed out that the Fireman's Video (shot by the Naudet Brothers) reveals a flash just as (or slightly before) the plane hits the North Tower.

Steve Hunter wrote:

I video taped this documentary from the TV early last year and bought the DVD [entitled 9/11] later in the year. In the televised version of the plane hitting the North tower there is a frame containing a huge bright flash of light that has been digitally removed from the DVD version. —  9/11 DVD Censored! Image of Strange Flash as Flight 11 Hit North Tower Missing From Footage

Here are three successive stills from a video recorded from a European TV broadcast ("Euronews" recorded on 2001-09-11 or within a day or two thereof):

Here the plane is so close to the North Tower that its shadow appears on the building to the right of the plane.
Here the flash is visible.
Here the flash has passed but the plane has not yet hit the building.

Thus it is undeniable that a large flash of some kind occurred just as the plane was about to hit the North Tower. What could this be? It is explained by Leonard Spencer thus:

Immediately before the plane strikes it fires a missile that blows a hole in the building's façade. This is the cause of that brief flash. —  The Incredible 9-11 Evidence We've All been Overlooking

Whether or not one accepts this explanation the fact remains that a flash occurred. This is fatal to the official story, which is that American Airlines Flight 11, a normal commercial Boeing 767 jetliner, was hijacked after takeoff from Logan Airport in Boston and flown into the North Tower.

If the flash was produced by the firing of a missile then the plane was not a commercial 767, and so was not the same plane as AA 11. In this case the official story is refuted.

If the flash was not produced by the firing of a missile then what caused it? [For an explanation see below.] There is no place in the official story for such a flash. Officially it cannot exist. But the video evidence shows otherwise.

Another proof of the falsity of the official story (as has been pointed out previously) is that the plane which hit the North Tower did not have engines attached to its wings. This is seen most clearly in the first still picture above. Therefore it was not a Boeing 767. Therefore, again, the official story is false.

See also:

There is much footage of the South Tower impact, since the world's cameras were trained on the Twin Towers (though much of the footage of this impact is suspiciously good). But no-one except the Naudet Brothers captured the North Tower impact on film. Could it be that the Naudet Brothers footage is a fake, and that no plane hit the North Tower? That the explosion was caused by a detonation within the North Tower? That a fake video was released to convince the world of the official story that Flight AA 11 hit the building, when AA 11 either never existed or took off from Boston but never flew anywhere near Manhattan? In which case the official story is again false.

It is impossible to maintain the truth of the story put out by the White House, the FBI, FEMA, etc. (and parroted by the mainstream media), unless one assumes it to be true independently of any consideration of the evidence. Some people still insist on doing this, perhaps because they cannot believe that the Bush administration would be complicit in the deaths of 3000 people on American soil. (As for people outside the U.S., as in Iraq, the Bush clique obviously doesn't care how many die.) But the evidence which has been collected on this website, and on many other websites, showing that the official story cannot be true is now overwhelming. It's time for the people who are fooling themselves about this matter to stop. Otherwise they provide tacit support to a sitting U.S. president who is a psychopathic mass murderer — and who knows what he'll do next?

Leslie Raphael: Jules Naudet's 9/11 Film was Staged

Note added 2012-02-14: An alternative explanation of the flash is this: When the Naudet brothers were filming they were notified by radio exactly when to raise the camera to the North Tower, several seconds before an explosion occurred (which was captured in their film). The explosion was caused by explosives previously planted in the North Tower. Later the film was doctored to show (apparently) a plane approaching the North Tower and hitting it, (apparently) causing an explosion. Unfortunately the doctoring of the film was slightly flawed, since the explosion is seen to occur before the plane hits the tower. This explanation also neatly disposes of the need to have a real jet airliner flying from north to south over Lower Manhattan, though if some flying object was really needed then a missile would suffice (and if it were captured in the Naudet film then the image of a larger plane could be superimposed upon it).

And — surprise! — American Airlines Flight 11, which allegedly hit the North Tower, was one of the flights for which there is documentary evidence that it never existed. See Evidence that Flights AA 11 and AA 77 Did Not Exist on September 11, 2001.

The other flight, AA 77, was allegedly the plane which hit the Pentagon. But there is overwhelming evidence, presented in several articles on this website, that there was no such plane. My, my ... such clever conspirators! And most Americans were bamboozled, duped and deceived — many of them willingly so.

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